post site launch

After buying a domain, you finally finished building your website and officially pressed the live button. 

Congratulations, your site is live! Hopefully this means that you built your site to meet your expectations and were thorough in your pre-launch evaluation. However, the work does not stop here. After launching your site, you should continue to do regular checks of your website. From evaluating speed performance, to updating content, testing links and more. 

Below is our website strategy checklist for after your site launch.

After Site Launch

Your site has officially been unveiled. Your domain now leads to your amazing site, now up and running. Time to begin your after site launch evaluation:

1. Test User Experience

After going live, go back and make sure your website looks correct from the user point of view. This includes how your site looks across all devices, the site speed and overall aesthetic of the site.

2. Check Links

Double check links and page redirects. Furthermore, check any third party tools like CRM integrations or software are running smoothly. 

3. Check Back-Ups

Ensure your back up plug in is set up and constantly running to protect your website from server crashes and hacks. This will give you peace of mind and protect your website. 

Consider making a copy of your finalized website.

4. Ensure Site is Secure

Install a way to monitor your site for security breaches or hacks, like a firewall. Update and secure passwords and make sure to enable two factor authentication.

5. Set Up Analytics

Now that your website is live, you want to make sure it is collecting data. By setting up Google Analytics, you can gain access to useful data like website traffic, average order value, how keywords are doing, etc. These are all very helpful pieces of data in order to grow your website.

6. Get SEO Ready

Getting your site SEO ready is crucial to build traffic, rankings on Google and eventually for your sales. Make sure to figure out how you can get your site SEO ready, as soon as possible! 

Unsure how to do this? Use our guide to SEO!

7. Continue Creating Content

If you just launched your site, there probably is not much content on there. Start working! Creating a constant flow of content will help your SEO and help you gain the attention of customers.

Add new products, new photos or videos, create a blog, etc. 

8. Announce the Launch of Your Website

Now that you have a website, you want people to visit it. 

One easy way you can do this is by spreading the word on social media. If you do not have one already, make a business account that connects to your domain name and website. Additionally, make sure you and your team share the news on personal accounts as well! Believe it or not, business messages can be much more effective when coming from an individual instead of a business page.  

In addition to social media, you can announce your new website in a press release. Tell people about your business – what you do, who you are, your new website, if you rebranded, etc.

Another way to get the word out is if you have a previous email list. Send an email inviting them to see the new face of your company! 

9. Get Customers Engaged

You need to figure out how to get customers engaged with your content. This will help you attract new customers, maintain relationships with them, as well as improve SEO and sales. There are so many ways to do this, you just need to find what works for you and your brand!

Some ideas:

  • Give exclusive offers to new customers
  • Create an email list or membership program 
  • Welcome feedback from customers – with polls and questions 
  • Create a contest or social media challenge

What Next?

Well, to be honest the website upkeep never quite stops. You should be scheduling regular checks on your website into your calendar. This is to ensure everything is running smoothly – links work, SEO is improving, mobile site speed is fast, etc. Additionally, you should be constantly updating your content. 

Building, launching and running a website is no easy feat. Be proud of you and your team! 

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