lets discuss keyword domains

When you buy a domain for your business, you need to have an idea of the type of domain you are looking for. A branded domain, an exact match domain, a keyword domain, etc. Believe it or not, a domain name can truly make or break your business. You need to choose the type of domain that will work for you and your brand.

Today, we will be discussing keyword domains! Including the difference between keyword and branded domains and how keyword domains can benefit your business.

What Are Keyword Domains?

A keyword domain is a domain name that describes the type of business or industry. They are domains that are directly related to your business, product or service –  but are not the actual company name.  These keyword domains tell the customer, and search engines like Google, about the website and product without using an exact match domain. If chosen correctly, keyword domains can rank high in SEO and be easy for the customer to remember.

Keyword domains can be region specific. For example, a bakery in England might be BestBakery.uk.

Or keyword domains can describe the business or product. For example, PhoneRepair.com or Shoe.com. These domains do not include the company name, but highlight the product or service.

Benefits of Keyword Domains

Keyword domains can actually bring many benefits to the businesses that use them. From improving SEO to building your brand, let’s discuss more benefits of keyword domains.

1. Communicates Your Business

First and foremost, keyword domains communicate your business to your customer, quickly. One look at your domain name, a customer knows what your business is and what you do. For example, if your website is BestBakery.uk, people finding your site immediately see that you are a bakery and that you are located in the UK.

Whereas a branded domain name would not immediately communicate the business to a customer. Unless it was a very famous brand, such as Nike.com  or Reebok.com.

2. Increases Organic Traffic

Keyword domain names tend to rank higher for SEO than websites that do not have keywords. 

Additionally, using a keyword domain can make it easier for customers to find you. If a customer is trying to find a watch repair shop, they might come across WatchRepairs.com faster than LizFixesWatches.com. By using WatchRepairs.com, you could generate more organic traffic to your site.

3. Increases Click Through Rates

Users are likely to click on your website if they see a keyword in the URL. This connects with keyword domains’ positive influence on SEO. If your domain includes a keyword and is ranked high – more people will click on your website.

4. Can Help Save Money

Since keyword domain names can help with SEO and click through rates, you might be saving money down the line. Additionally, some keyword domains can be more inexpensive than other domains. However, this also depends on other factors, like the domain extension, if domain is available, etc.

5. Builds Credibility

Keyword domains have the power to build credibility and brand recognition. 

A keyword domain allows you to attract more customers and generate organic site traffic. Ultimately, you can be seen as a leader in your industry and a name that people trust. 

Branded Domain vs. Keyword Domain

Keyword domains have many benefits for your business, but how do they compare to other types of domains? Let’s discuss the difference between branded and keyword domains.

Branded domains exactly match the brand name of a business. Oftentimes, they are unique made up words! For example Nike.com, Amazon.com, Target.com. These domains do not describe the product or business (like a keyword domain) instead they are the exact brand name.

Brand domains are unique and memorable. They can be very helpful when building a brand of a company. The challenge is if you’re a small business starting with a branded domain, it can take some time to get your name out there and recognized. This is where keyword domains can be very helpful.

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