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netflix.com Sorry - you're not gonna get this one.
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netflix.com Sorry - you're not gonna get this one.
Estimated Value (USD)
$ 5,000,000
Dang. It’s taken. Still want it? Here’s what to do next

Here's a breakdown of your domain value

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Some Facts About Saw.com

We specialize in selling and buying premium domains
Our brokers average 15+ years of sales experience
We’ve completed more than $500m in domain sales
We help you create a more powerful online presence

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a domain, review your free, instant domain name appraisal from Saw.com and understand the true value of ANY domain. 

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Saw.com Is a Tried & Tested Domain Broker You Can Trust

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Appraising domains isn’t an exact science – but we’ll help you determine if your most prized digital asset is being valued as accurately as possible.
Saw.com appraisals are built around transparency, personalization and comprehensive analysis – and many of the metrics included in our equation are often overlooked by others when determining the current market value of a domain.
From internal metrics such as domain age and comparable sales data to external factors like market trends, we believe in embracing an “A to Z” approach when it comes to your domain appraisal.

At Saw.com, we combine extensive brokerage experience (our founders have contributed to more than $500m in combined sales!) with an unbiased, statistically-derived valuation API to guide you through the whole process of buying or selling a domain – from pre-sale to transfer and beyond. 

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So… What Do You Do Now?

Once You Know a Domain’s Value, Saw.com Can Help You:


Speak with us about domain brokerage and work with our experts to acquire your desired assets for the best price


Tell us which domain you’d like to sell and let us create a comprehensive sales campaign that ensures maximum value


Upgrade your domain appraisal certificate to a comprehensive eight-page written domain appraisal from our CEO.

Saw.com Is One of The World’s Leading Domain Brokerage Firms...

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Transparency and Commitment

Our Team Has Contributed To $500m+ In Domain Transactions

Marc Lore | Serial Entrepreneur
"When starting a company, the Saw.com team are some of the first people I call. A memorable name, and the domain and social handles behind it, creates a huge amount of brand equity right out the gate — no matter how big or how small your company is. From Diapers.com to Jet.com (and many more to come!) the Saw.com team has helped my companies be seen."
James Avery | CEO | Kevel.com
“The advice I would give is to hire a professional. We went to Saw.com to see if there was an opportunity to work with professionals to acquire Kevel.com. Why? Because we saw value in the .com. We tried and failed to acquire Kevel.com but Saw.com did not fail. They were great to work with, the start to finish was a month. They were fast and acquired it at a price we were looking for.”
Justin Mitchell | CEO | Yac.com
“If you’re looking to secure a powerful, trustworthy domain for your business then Saw.com is the perfect solution. At Yac.com, we know we’re operating in a highly competitive industry and need to differentiate ourselves as much as we can. We saw the value in a premium .com address and were incredibly impressed with the speed, efficiency and price at which Saw.com acquired our domain.”

That’s Why So Many Businesses Trust Saw.com To Facilitate & Execute Their Premium Domain Sales & Acquisitions

We Know What We’re Doing

The Saw.com team is full of domain experts. Our Co-Founder, Amanda Waltz, has worked with recognizable brands like Jet.com, Twitch.com. Step.com, Wonder.com and more. Our CEO, Jeffrey Gabriel, has contributed to more than $350m in domain transitions and blockbuster sales like the record-breaking $13m for Sex.com.

We Work With Select Clients

We’re discerning about who we work with, and how we can help. At Saw.com, we only collaborate with companies who we feel can gain the most impact out of our services. Because we’re not a high-volume shop, you never become ‘another number on the spreadsheet’. We take time to give your business the care and attention it deserves.

We Focus On Transparency

Integrity is at the core of what we do - and, unlike other providers, Saw.com consistently ensures transparency and a seamless process in all that we do on behalf of our clients. We’ll always be upfront and honest about your domain, so if it’s not available (or the right buyer isn’t out there) we can explore alternative solutions before making a decision.

We Have a Proven Track Record

More than anything, you need to know that your domain transaction is being handled by experts - and that you’re going to get the results to drive your business forward. Saw.com is the industry leader in selling and buying domains and has experience like no other when it comes to every aspect of brokerage.

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