Need to evaluate a single domain or your entire portfolio?

Appraising domains (properly) is not a skill one acquires from textbooks. The founders of, with over $400 million in combined sales under their belts, can attest to that first-hand.

Why trust an amateur with appraising your most prized digital assets?

Price starts from $199

How it works?


Please submit your name or names to our Brokerage to review and one of our Domain Brokers will get back to you.


Appraisals begin at $199. Receive a comprehensive multi-page appraisal that covers all of the most common and other not-so-common metrics.


Once the appraisal is complete and delivered, our Domain Brokers will schedule a call to review the findings and consult on the best next steps.

Understanding Your Asset(s)

Our appraisals revolve around transparency, personalization, and comprehensive analysis. Some of the metrics we include in our equation oftentimes end up being overlooked by competing services when assessing the current market value of a digital asset and that, in our view, is unacceptable.

From internal metrics such as domain age and comparable sales data to external ones such as market trends, we believe in embracing an “A to Z” approach with respect to digital asset appraisals.

How Are Domains Appraised?

Like real estate appraisals, domain appraisals calculate different variables to come up with dollar amounts. But while there are many similarities, a key difference is represented by the regulation dimension. When real estate is appraised, the appraiser puts his name on the line, placing his or her credentials on the first or second page of the appraisal. As such, digital real estate appraisers are typically licensed and know all too well that abuse or lack of professionalism can come with severe legal consequences.

The same principle does not apply in the world of digital asset appraisals, and, unfortunately, fraud and lack of professionalism are far more common. This leads us to the elephant in the room – being ultra-selective when choosing an appraiser is much more important in the domain appraising world.

What Comes Next?

After the appraisal process has been finalized, we look forward to potentially taking our collaboration to the next level by actively seeking out buyers for the asset(s) in question.

We will do our best to put together a battle plan based on your needs and goals for selling (from generating additional capital quickly to maximizing results in terms of sales prices). From there, we’ll diligently implement the plan in question to ultimately close the deal (our specialty).