brand refresh

Are your marketing materials feeling reused? Does your logo feel dated? Have you grown out of love with your company colors? Well, it might be time for a brand refresh. 

A brand refresh gives you an opportunity to tweak your brand. Think of it as your company’s makeover – a haircut or a new outfit – that helps change how your company is perceived. Whether you buy a domain  name or change your company colors, there are many ways to refresh your brand.

In this article we will review the meaning of a brand refresh and how to successfully execute one.

What is a Brand Refresh?

In the world of branding, a brand refresh is a sharpening of your company’s visuals and/or message. Most commonly a cosmetic upgrade, a brand refresh allows you to reimagine the look of your company. However, a brand refresh can also include a change of culture – including slogans, services and message.

Why Would You Need a Brand Refresh?

  • Have you received negative feedback on your website design?
  • Are you sick of your business colors?
  • Does your business’ visual identity fail to capture the essence of your brand?

There are a few reasons brands need to have a brand refresh. Most commonly, your business’ visual identity feels outdated. Our society is constantly growing and changing, and your business needs to grow with it. Having a brand that feels current is crucial to being successful and building a loyal following. A brand refresh is tactical, to ensure your brand is caught up with industry marketing trends.

Another reason to undergo a brand refresh is if your visuals simply do not feel the culture of your company. Your company should be evolving, and it is okay if you feel your visuals have outgrown the overall feel of your company. If your website, advertisements, social media, etc. do not convey the essence of your brand, it is time for a refresh!

Brand Refresh Ideas

Not sure where to start on your brand refresh? Here are some of our ideas! 

Upgrade Your Logo

Love your logo but still feel like it needs a change? Update it! There is a way to update your logo without completely changing it. This can be done by updating the font, colors, simplifying it, etc. 

The team recently went through a logo refresh – changing the font and adding navy blue to our palette of colors.

sawlogo Logo, 2019 Logo, 2022

Develop a New Message

What do you and your team offer? What are your core values? Have your goals changed since you launched? 

Update or create a new brand message that will match your businesses new goals. Although this is not a cosmetic refresh, your customers will feel the new vibe of your business. 

Change of Offerings

A good time for a refresh could be when you are announcing a new product or service! This allows you to introduce your product and your new company look, all in one. Attracting new and returning customers.

Update Your Website

Another way to change the look of your brand is by redesigning your website. 

Update your information and/or work on putting out new and exciting content. If you changed your logo or colors, make sure your website matches and is easy to navigate and read. 

Another way to update your website is by updating your domain name! Acquire the premium or .com domain connected with your current domain. A premium domain attracts customers, improves SEO, marketability, credibility and so much more.

The Benefits

Overall, a brand refresh is a less expensive way to give your business a makeover – while still making a difference. A refresh allows your company to keep up with shifting industry and social trends. However, a refresh done correctly can also assist with business growth, attracting new customers and much more.

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