What Is a Domain Broker Service?
How Does It Work? Is It Worth It For Your Business?

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Domain trading can be complex – but we make it simple. Check out our FAQs to learn more about our services and how we can help your business become an authority in your field. For other inquiries, our team has the knowledge and expertise to lend a hand. Contact us and we’ll get back to you before you can say ‘.com’.

Who is Saw.com?

Saw.com is a Marketplace, Domain Brokerage, and Advisory firm operating out of the Orlando Metropolitan Area in The United States, providing expert services in acquiring, selling, and appraising domain names. Our team of industry experts has a collective experience that includes over half a billion dollars in sales and thousands of successful transactions.

We are dedicated to securing the most advantageous domain for your enterprise or maximizing the return on your domain sales, leveraging our seasoned team and advanced technology to meet your needs.

More about the Saw.com Marketplace

Domain Owners using our marketplace can engage our Domain Brokerage for representation or to manage transactions using our platform independently.

Buyers, please note that not all communications originating from Saw.com necessarily reflect our views, preferred strategies, or communication styles. We expect all members to always conduct themselves with professionalism and courtesy. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in account cancellation or suspension.

Who can I contact if I need help?

We offer multiple ways to contact us.

Buying a domain name, you have visited

Please contact, call, or text 781-281-9475 option one. If you text us, please provide your name, email, and the domain name you want to purchase so we can better serve you.

Confidential Domain Acquisition Service & Consultation

Please use our contact, us form, call, or text 781-281-9475 option two. If you text us, please provide your name, email, and the domain name you want to purchase so we can better serve you.

Selling Domains

If you have questions about your Saw.com SELLER account or would like to speak to someone about selling a specific domain name, please contact us, by calling or texting us at 781-281-9475 option three.

Our terms of service might also answer some of your questions: Terms

Written domain appraisals, automated domain appraisals, and appraisal account questions

Please use our  contact, us form, call, or text 781-281-9475 option four.

All other inquiries:

Please call or text 781-281-9475 option five or email Buzz@Saw.com.

Where are you located?

In the Orlando, Florida Metropolitan area.

Our address is:

Saw Technologies Inc.,
1655 E. Semoran Blvd Ste 22.,
Apopka, FL 32703 

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Of course we do! It is right here:

What are your terms of service?

Terms of Service

What do you charge for your services?

Have a look at our Menu.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card limited to USD 5,000

Wire Transfer/ACH: Unlimited

Domain Buyers

Saw.com Company Brokerage Services

Domain names are the digital real estate of a company. They define brands, increase credibility, improve SEO, and improve your business in many more ways. A domain can bring an individual or business to a new level of success by enhancing its brand online. Domain Brokers are the people who help clients who want to acquire or sell these domain names. By understanding what Domain Brokers do, it will be easier for you to reach out to one in the future. Read more to learn about Domain Brokers and how they can help you reach your business goals.

What Is a Domain Broker?

The online world can be a confusing place. With millions upon millions of registered domain names, finding one that fits you and your brand at the price you want can feel impossible. This is where a Domain Broker comes in. Domain Brokers are essentially real estate agents but on the internet. Instead of selling houses, they are selling domain names. Domain names are virtual street addresses- how potential customers or clients find and visit you online. So, like a real estate agent, a Domain Broker is an expert in the online world of domain names. They are the experts in the industry and the best people to consult when acquiring a domain.

Domain Brokers work for you and with you, the client, to help you achieve your goals. They will listen to your goals and domain name needs and apply their expertise in the industry.

What does a domain broker buy service do?

A domain broker service is when a domain brokerage (like Saw.com!) helps you secure your perfect domain for the best price. Your chosen Domain Name Broker will typically identify the current domain owner, contact them about a sale, and negotiate favorable terms for your business. They may also help with domain sales and appraisals.

Why should you use a Domain Broker?

Using a Domain Broker to sell or buy a domain makes it easier. You can sit back and relax as Domain Brokers do the heavy lifting. They will walk you through the process, utilize their network, and make your business goals achievable.

Advantages of using Domain Brokers in the buying and selling process:

Domain Brokers protect your privacy: When you use a domain broker while looking to buy a domain specifically, your identity remains anonymous. Your domain broker represents you throughout the process and talks to the seller without ever revealing your identity. Why would you want to stay anonymous? If you are a larger successful company, a seller might raise their price on the domain. Additionally, a company might not like its domain name search going public, as it could reveal some of its future business plans.

Domain Brokers have a strong network: A domain broker who has been in the industry for a while has many connections with other brokers and companies. Additionally, brokers always have a network of buyers looking to buy different domain names. If your broker has a strong network, they will know who owns the domain you want and how to reach them.

Domain Brokers can give advice: As experts in the industry, your broker can guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. Brokers can provide advice on the pricing of the domain you are buying or selling, ensuring you do not overpay as a buyer or get under paid as a seller. Brokers can also advise you on a backup plan in case the domain you want is unavailable.

Domain Brokers have negotiation experience: Buying or selling a domain name is challenging, but negotiating the sale of a domain name can be even more complicated if you are doing it alone. Additionally, you could let your emotions get the best of you. As internet real estate agents, Domain Brokers excel at negotiating between the buyer and seller, mediating tension, and informing both parties about the domain’s valuation. Furthermore, you know you will get a fair deal if an experienced broker handles the negotiations.

How do I buy a domain?

We want to be your go-to place to help you buy domains. Set up a time to discuss your domain acquisition needs here.

How do I trust Saw.com with my domain acquisition needs?

The Saw.com team has been carefully put together by some of the most trusted and respected leaders in the domain field. To learn more about us, go to our About Us page.

How do I find out if a domain name is available for sale?

Our team is made up of experts in domain acquisitions. We have helped some of the most widely recognized global brands acquire highly sought-after domains and other digital assets. We will help you by:

  • Determining if the domain you desire for your business is available;
  • Providing a successful acquisition strategy; and
  • Providing a timeline to acquire the domain.
  • Giving a professional opinion regarding the domain’s value and what to budget for.

What should I expect to spend on a premium domain?

Each domain’s overall value is unique. At Saw.com, we have the expertise to accurately evaluate the domain asset you need to help build your company’s brand. You can use our automated domain appraisal tool if you want to know now.

What is the domain I want to purchase worth?

Each domain has its unique characteristics that make it potentially valuable. Please contact our team to schedule a consultation to discuss having an expert appraisal or visit our automated domain appraisal tool by clicking here, or you can get a complimentary consultation from one of our brokers by visiting here.

What if I don’t know what domain I want to buy?

Our team will work with you to help you define your goals and determine the best options for you concerning the domain acquisition. We look to target domains that will help you build and own your brand online, start now!

Are you a registrar?

Saw.com is not a domain registrar. However, we partner with several registrars we can recommend that can assist with your domain registrations, site building, hosting email, and many other services. Please contact us at sales@saw.com.

Can Saw.com arrange custom transaction terms?

Yes, Saw.com can negotiate transactions with terms different from the standard ones, which would be outlined in a separate formal agreement. If you have a specific situation you would like to discuss, please email buzz@saw.com.

Does Saw.com own the domains that are listed for sale on the marketplace?

Saw.com does not own any domains listed for sale on the marketplace.


What name Servers should I use?


It can take up to 24 hours for your domain names to resolve. Please make sure to have them added to your Saw.com account.

Can I use TXT Records to verify the ownership of my domains?

Yes, you can; it is:

Domain / Subdomain name: @
Record type: TXT
Value (everything in bold): 4ad3c94d-1a72-47d0-aa47-ab4240b4947f

What if I park my names and would like to forward potential buyers to your sales landers or would not want my domains to be pointed at your marketplace?

You may give them this link to direct interested parties to our sales landers:

Make sure to have them put the domain name after domain/ so for example if you were selling http://Saw.com it would be:

Please contact Buzz@Saw.com to have us verify the ownership of your domain names.  The website will not do it for you.

We can also offer the possibility of you using A records to verify ownership and point your domain names. That would require our intervention. Please contact us at Buzz@Saw.com for more information.

How do I sell my domain(s)?

We want to be your go-to place to help you sell domains. Listing your domains with Saw.com is easy. Please go here to start the process. Start Now!

Can Saw.com help me sell more than one domain at a time?

Of course. Each domain seller’s portfolio is unique; no two are the same. Our team will evaluate your portfolio and work with you to sell one or all of your domains.

What do I need to know about listing a domain for sale on Saw.com?

When listing a domain for sale, you must ensure you are the rightful registrant with the authority to transfer it and that the domain is free of liens and not subject to legal disputes. You must conduct due diligence before listing and promptly remove the listing if any issues arise. Saw.com will charge a commission for our services depending on your chosen service.

What happens after a buyer agrees to purchase my listed domain?

Saw.com will provide payment instructions to the buyer and transfer instructions to you. You agree that your list price and acceptance of an offer constitute a binding agreement to transfer the domain once payment is received. If multiple offers are accepted, Saw.com will determine the buyer based on the payment received.

How does the Domain Transfer Assistance Service work?

After the buyer pays, you must follow Saw.com’s instructions for the domain transfer. Saw.com acts as your agent for the transfer and receipt of payment. Transactions may be canceled before completion, in which case, the buyer’s payment is returned. Do not transfer the domain name directly to the buyer unless authorized by Saw.com.

Can Saw.com arrange custom transaction terms?

Yes, Saw.com can negotiate transactions with terms different from the standard ones, which would be outlined in a separate formal agreement. To do so, please contact BUZZ@Saw.com or opt to use our Brokerage in our sales system and request the custom terms you seek.

What is the Domain Management Service for time-structured transactions?

This service manages domain operations under a payment plan. Once the initial payment is received, the seller will transfer the domain name to the designated account. The domain transfer to the buyer is contingent on payment completion. The service includes domain name maintenance, scheduled payments, and terms for default (15 days past due) and termination. The buyer is liable for full payment even in domain loss due to their actions.

What if the buyer does not pay in time on a time-structured transaction?

The payment plan will default after the buyer is more than fifteen days late. The domain name will be returned to the seller. Please remember that if the seller does not transfer the domain name to Saw.com within ten days, Once the buyer has paid the initial payment, the buyer may elect to have such funds returned minus any transaction fees incurred from the banking institutions.

What are my options if I prefer not to use Saw.com to process the transaction?

We provide alternative solutions through third-party escrow services for those who opt out of transaction processing through Saw.com. We work with Escrow. Domains and Escrow.com who are both insured and bonded escrow companies based in the United States. For more details or to choose this option, please consult with your designated broker or contact us at Buzz@Saw.com

Using Saw Market Self Brokerage

The Saw.com Market platform is crafted by experts with over ten years of industry experience each, hailing from leading companies like DomainNameSales, Uniregistry Market, Uniregistry Brokerage, NameLot, and NameSilo Auctions. Leveraging our extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology, we’ve created a transparent and efficient sales platform designed to maximize the value of your domain portfolio.

Saw Market Statuses & Folders

Action Required:

This folder can be compared to your unread email in your email client’s inbox. All current communication and decisions that need to be tended to are in this folder.

Awaiting Response:

Once you respond to a buyer, the inquiry becomes awaiting response. As the opportunity awaits response, our system will automatically follow up with the inquirer to keep the domain they inquired on top of mind.

Sale Pending:

When you, the seller, and the buyer have agreed to a price, the opportunity to collect the outstanding funds will be placed in this folder. Once the funds are received, you, the seller, will be asked to transfer or push the domain name to a registrar of the buyer’s choosing.


This folder is for all of the inquiries that are not qualified for a multitude of reasons:
#1: This inquiry is spam, confused, or threatening me.
#2: The buyer’s budget is nowhere near my expectations and never will be.
#3: I no longer own this domain name; remove it from my account.
#4: It’s time to bring in the big guns and have a Saw.com Broker call him.
You must put the inquiries you want to dismiss into the suitable section. For example, If the lead is spam, confused, or someone threatening you, please put them in the right section, this will help us qualify unsuitable buyers in the future.
Suppose the buyer’s budget is far too low. You never know when that might change. There might come a day that you would like to personally follow up with that lead or have one of our brokers do it. 


Ultimately we plan to learn from the outcomes of the system to bring better products in the future. We need your help to do it! If you have any ideas, feedback, or anything you want to tell us about improving our product, please email us at Buzz@Saw.com.


All inquiries you have assigned to our Brokerage go into this folder. For now, our Brokerage team will contact you directly through email regarding the opportunities they are assigned.


Verifying the email addresses of potential buyers who inquire about your domain names certainly reduces the number of unqualified opportunities. Still, from our experience, it also filters out qualified ones. We decided to put unverified leads in this folder in case you would like to comb over the unverified inquiries just in case that happens.

We suggest you only turn on email verifications on domains that receive a steady stream of confused inquiries that clutter up your inbox and leave them off for everything else.


This shows the list of domains you currently have for sale. There are many strategies that our clients employ. One that you should consider is setting prices for the domain names you own that you would accept $5,000 USD or less for. Why? Because that is the limit we will accept on a purchase transaction for a credit card. You might also take advantage of transactional impulse buys.


This is quite self explanatory. These are all the domains you have sold since joining us. We hope you need to scroll from page to page to page to the point the page cannot load!


This is the folder where all the domain names you have removed from your account are placed.

More Questions? Call us at +1 (781) 281-9475