dont rely on social media

When you log in to social media, it is impossible to not come across a business advertisement. They are in your feed, in a banner across your computer screen, and now nearly every social media app has a page for online shopping. 

As a small business owner you might be thinking – why would I not use social media for my business? 

Well, today we are going to discuss why you should not rely on social media to build your business. Instead, buy a domain and build your business using your online presence. The bottom line is, use social media as an aide to build your business, not to run it. 

Why is Social Media Bad When Building a Business?

It is 2022, we understand that the power of social media is nothing short of extraordinary. We also understand many small businesses use social media for their business. It is inexpensive, easy to use and can help drive traffic – certainly appealing for a small business owner. Additionally, with nearly five billion social media users, it offers a chance for your business to be seen by many. 

However, when it comes to building a business, social media is not always your friend. If you allow social media to be the end all be all of your business and all your business operations, you lose control of your business. Who has control then, you may ask? Social media. This includes all platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. When you hand your business over, they gain control over your algorithm and information. This can eventually have an effect on who sees your business profile and even affect your sales. 

Running your business on social media also comes with normal technology threats like cyber attacks and hackers. Yes, these pose a threat to your business in other ways, even if you are at a storefront or running a website. However, social media is more public and harder for you to protect. Another threat to you on social media is your reputation.

Social Media vs. Domain Names

Domain names and social media actually complement one another quite nicely. Used together, they provide numerous opportunities to attract different audiences and advertise your business. Today, it is probably more important that your business have social media platforms instead of not. 

Nevertheless, it still does not mean that social media should be used as the sole storefront of your business. 

Why is a Domain Name The Better Option?

So, why is a domain name better than social media to build your small business?

Domains Provide You With Control

With social media, you lack control over your data and analytics, and the way customers interact with your business. Additionally, social media’s constantly changing algorithms makes it impossible to keep up. 

With a domain, you are in control.

Establishes Credibility

If a customer finds you on social media and likes your product, their next step is most likely going to your website. What happens if you do not have a website? You might come across as untrustworthy. A website helps your business build its reputation as a credible, trustworthy company. 

Furthermore, having engaging content like a blog helps build your business as a source of information for users to return to. 

Helps You Build SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is extremely valuable for businesses. SEO increases organic traffic, improves ROI, improves credibility and so much more. Essentially, SEO is crucial to establishing your business online.

Provides Key Data

In addition to improving your SEO, using a website also provides you with key data that you simply do not get with social media. Tools like Google Analytics provides you with crucial data for running and improving your business.

Some data to track:

  • Number of site visitors
  • How long site visitors stay on your website
  • What links visitors followed

Helps You Be Found

Did you know? Nearly half of all Google searches are for local businesses. 

Websites are still the way to build an online presence. Additionally, people still turn to websites when it comes to online shopping for products or services. Having a website for your business builds credibility, trust with your customer, improves SEO, marketability and so much more. 

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