how to build content calendar

You buy a domain and have finished building your business website. One problem – your content is lacking.

Perhaps it feels inconsistent? Your social media posts are not as engaging as you would like them to be? Looking for more ways to engage your customers? It might be time to plan out your content with a content calendar. 

Every business is different, and has loyal customers who want different things from company content. From social media to blog posts or information on your website – you need a content calendar to keep your content well thought out and organized. 

What is a Content Calendar?

Posting content that engages potential and loyal customers can be very difficult. Now, posting consistent and exciting content is even harder. Even for the most experienced marketers. This is where a content calendar comes in!

A content calendar is an organized overview of future posts, from your website to a blog and/or social media pages. Oftentimes, this calendar is a shareable resource that teams can use to collaborate on future content. This calendar can be formatted in various ways:

  • Google or Excel spreadsheet 
  • Google calendar or other shareable calendar
  • Interactive planning dashboard 

A content calendar can truly be whatever you want it to. Choose what works best for your business and your employees.

What Should a Content Calendar Look Like?

Again, a content calendar can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a planner for your website content, a new product announcement, campaign specific, a blog, social media, etc. 

However, the information included in most calendars look similar to this:

  • Specific date and time post should go live 
  • Clear location where posts will be published (which social media channel, blog, etc.)
  • Content of post (Ex. blog article idea or social media caption)
  • Photo or videos attached to post 
  • Links going in the post 
  • Social media post vs. a story

Depending on your goals for your content calendar, you might include a few of these, or all of these.

How to Build a Content Calendar 

You and your team have decided to go forward with a content calendar. Where do you begin? Here is our guide to building a content calendar that works for you and your team.

Choose your Channels

First, you must hone in on what channels this content calendar is for. 

Is it to plan your social media posts? Are you planning blog articles? Both? Are you using a calendar for one product or campaign launch? 

Think of what you need from a content calendar and what your goals are. This way, you can choose the method that is right for you.

Decide on a Method

Now, your team must choose a method. Whether that is Google spreadsheets or Excel or paying for an interactive social planning dashboard, etc. It is up to you!

Think: What is your budget? How many people will be working on the calendar? What template will help you reach your goals? How often? 

Share With Your Team

The best part of a content calendar is that it is interactive, allowing your whole team to work together. Ensure the method you choose is shareable. By celebrating working with the rest of your team, you will make the most of your content calendar.

Get Creative

Here is the fun part. Your goals are clear, a method is chosen and your team is ready to go. Time to get creative and start building content that you can add to the calendar!

Some content that could be added to your calendar:

  • Infographics
  • Blog articles
  • Product or campaign announcement
  • Holidays
  • Team interviews 

There is No Right Way

There is no end-all be-all of content calendars. With thousands of different methods and templates for building a calendar, it is easy to choose one for you. Choose the one that works best for your business – the one that works with your employees and will help you meet your goals. 

Remember your content calendar should be whatever you need it to be. 

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