what happens at a domain acquisition consultation

A domain name is your digital street address. Like the mailbox at the end of a driveway, it is how people find your business online. Furthermore, it is how you build your business reputation. When you own a premium domain name, it builds credibility, trustworthiness, SEO, marketability, branding and so much more. 

You have decided to buy a domain that you have had your eyes on for a while. Additionally, you have decided you need to get a professional domain broker involved. Now what? What exactly happens at a domain consultation? 

Saw.com Domain Acquisition Consultation

First, contact us regarding a domain acquisition – all we ask for is your name, contact information and a comment about what you are looking for. We will follow up with you via email shortly after!

Now that you have sent in a domain acquisition request – what exactly happens at a Saw.com domain acquisition consultation?

1. We Set a Budget

During our free consultation, we go over the basics of domain appraisals and what you can expect given your budget.

Come to our free consultation with a general price range in mind. This way, we can dive right in to discussing your different options. If you are unsure what your budget would be, one great domain appraisal tool is Estibot. However, just be aware Estibot typically gives lower estimates! 

Be aware that there are many factors that go into a domain’s valuation: length, memorability, spelling, age, industry, universality and similar domains. We will discuss domain valuation with you, but this is something to be aware of as you go into the meeting.

2. Visit the Domain

Once we have a targeted domain in mind, we visit the web domain name. We are checking to see how it is being used. If there is a business that relies on the domain, the valuation will increase significantly. 

However, if it is a dormant or placeholder domain, the valuation will probably be lower and the negotiation will be easier. 

3. Find the Owner of the Domain

We perform a WHOIS search, which provides some information about the domain, including:

  • Registration Date
  • Who registered the domain name
  • When the domain name expires
  • Its registrar

This information gives us a general background on the domain name. Additionally, it allows us to get the owner’s contact information. 

4. Contact the Owner of the Domain

Depending on what is found after performing the WHOIS search, we will determine the best method of finding and contacting the owner.

Be prepared that this can be a difficult part of the process. Some owners do not want to be found, and it takes an exceptional level of effort to locate them to get their attention. No matter the situation, we will come up with a plan to find the domain owner. 

5. Negotiate the Domain Cost

Once contact with the domain owner is made, and the response is received, it is time to negotiate. There are many terms beyond purchase price that go into domain name transactions.  

For example, how will you, the buyer, pay? Will the seller accept this? Who covers the fees to use a neutral third party that facilitates the transaction? How long will the transfer from the seller to the buyer take?

At Saw.com, we do not and will not miss any of them!

6. Purchase

Congratulations, your domain purchase is all set!

Next, we urge you to hire a licensed and insured escrow company. Multiple companies specialize in providing escrow services for domain purchase transactions. This is one of the best insurance policies you could have for your domain.

Contact the Saw.com Team

Buying a domain name can be scary – especially if you have never built a website before.

We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. From the moment you contact us to when your domain has been required, we will work with you every step of the way. We want you to be seen online.

Interested in Speaking With One of Our Domain Brokers?

If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation. Our domain brokers would love to speak with you!

A domain name is essentially your street address, but online. It is how new and returning customers will find you and shop with you. The easier it is to find you, the more likely customers are to return to your site. 

Our team of domain brokers have over twenty years of experience in the industry. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more.