What does a domain broker do
Domain names are the digital real estate of a company. They define brands, increase credibility, improve SEO and improve your business in so many more ways. A domain has the power to bring an individual or business to a new level of success by improving their brand online. Domain brokers are the people who help clients who want to acquire or sell these domain names. By understanding what domain brokers do, it will be easier for you to reach out to one in the future. Read more to learn about domain brokers and how they can help you reach your business goals.

What is a Domain Broker?

The online world can be a confusing place. With millions upon millions of registered domain names it can feel impossible to find one that fits you and your brand, at the price you want. This is where a domain broker comes in. Domain brokers are essentially real estate agents, but on the Internet. Instead of selling houses, they are selling domain names. Domain names are a virtual street address, how your potential customers or clients find you and visit you on the internet. So, similar to a real estate agent, a domain broker is an expert in the online world of domain names. They are the experts in the industry, and the best people to consult when acquiring a domain. Domain brokers work for you and with you, the client, to help you achieve your goals. They will listen to your goals and domain name needs and apply their expertise of the industry. There are two types of domain brokers; seller brokers and buyer brokers. A seller broker is a broker that represents you when you want to sell a domain. A buyer broker is a broker that represents you when you want to buy a domain. However, most domain brokers will represent you with either buying or selling.

Why should you use a Domain Broker?

Using a domain broker to sell a domain or buy a domain makes it easier for you. You can sit back and relax as domain brokers do the heavy lifting. They will walk you through the process, utilize their network and make your business goals achievable. Domain brokers add many advantages to the buying and selling process:
  • Domain Brokers protect your privacy: When you use a domain broker while looking to buy a domain specifically, your identity remains anonymous. Your domain broker represents you throughout the process, and talks to the seller without ever revealing your identity. Why would you want to remain anonymous? Well, if you are a larger successful company, a seller might raise their price on the domain. Additionally, a company might not want their domain name search going public, as it could reveal some of their future business plans.
  • Domain Brokers have a strong network: A domain broker who has been in the industry for a while has many connections among other brokers and companies. Additionally, brokers always have a network of buyers looking to buy different domain names. If your broker has a strong network, they will know who owns the domain you want and how to reach them.
  • Domain Brokers can give advice: As experts in the industry, your broker can guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. Brokers can give advice on the pricing of the domain you are buying or selling, ensuring you do not overpay as a buyer or get under paid as a seller. Brokers can also give you advice on a backup plan in case the domain you want is not available. Additionally, they can suggest other domains if they believe yours is not good for SEO.
  • Domain Brokers have negotiation experience: Buying or selling a domain name is challenging, but negotiating the sale of a domain name can be even harder if you are doing it alone. Additionally, you could let your emotions get the best of you. As the internet real estate agents, domain brokers are very good at negotiating. They can be in between the buyer and seller, mediating any tension and informing both parties about the domain’s valuation. Furthermore, you know you will be getting a fair deal if an experienced broker is handling the negotiations.

About Saw.com

The team of domain brokers at Saw.com have extensive experience in the domain industry. Saw.com is a team devoted to helping clients build their business and be seen online. We work with you every step of the way and want to see our clients reach their business goals. Our professional team of domain brokers is experienced in all types of sales across a wide variety of industries. Saw.com expertise creates a unique, personalized experience through domain brokerage, appraisal, portfolio management services and more.
With Saw.com domain brokers, anyone can buy a domain, sell a domain name or protect a domain name. If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about purchasing a domain name to invest in, please contact us for a free consultation.