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Ron Jackson of Domain Name Journal has just published his 18th annual State of the Industry Cover Story. Ron, a long time friend of the team, covered the future of domains, NFT and cryptocurrency and more! It is an excellent read to review the past year of the domain industry in 2021 and prepare for what is to come in 2022. is honored to once again be featured in the panel of experts. Co-Founders Amanda Waltz and Jeffrey Gabriel discuss running business during a pandemic, cryptocurrency and buying a domain that is an exact match. 

State of the Industry 2022

DN Journal, or “Domain Name Journal” is an online and print magazine that was founded in 2003. The magazine reports on the latest sales, events and developments. Specifically, in the internet domain registration market.

For the “State of the Industry”, Ron Jackson speaks with all leaders of the industry. From domain brokers to corporate leaders to domain investors and developers. These experts from all areas of the domain industry discuss their take on the past year and predict what is to come. Featured in DN Journal Co-Founders Amanda Waltz and Jeffrey Gabriel were both once again featured in DN Journal State of the Industry:

Jeff Gabriel is a world-renowned expert in domain brokerage and building sales teams and has had a role in over $400 million worth of domain sales. Previously, Jeff was the Vice President of Sales at Uniregistry where he and his team quadrupled sales dollar volume. Prior to that Jeff was the President and Co-Founder of and was also a Domain Broker at Sedo.


Amanda Waltz is a dedicated, self-motivated business development professional with over 20 years of internet sales experience. Amanda is known for her outstanding skills in business development and communication, as well as her organizational, conceptualization, and time management skills.


“In a reflection of their full partnership, Jeff & Amanda collaborated on their submission to our State of the the Industry report.

After another year like no other, it would be difficult to reject the increasing transition many companies were forced to continue to bring businesses entirely online due to in-person restrictions around the pandemic. We believe this is just one of the key drivers in the sustained growth of Domain Aftermarket. 2021 exceeded our expectations and will be remembered as a year we capitalized on many of the emerging industries “living” on the blockchain.

The funding for companies in both Crypto and NFT space led us to achieve success for many clients who sought an exact killer match .com domain to bring their brand to life. Additionally, one of the higher areas of growth for our team has been helping upgrade to their exact match .com, which has lead us to such sales as (to name just a few): and

Today’s consumers are drawn to authenticity and trust in branding, especially online. Brands are seeking the most direct path to engaging with their consumer and prospective customer base. Companies should make this easy for their brand loyalists as well as their prospective customers. We saw this in both 2020 and 2021, and expect this to continue into 2022. Of course, with the prediction of this pandemic becoming endemic in April of 2022 we expect people to reestablish their new normal. We expect high growth areas for travel, consumer goods, and also live and interactive experiences.  

Companies in the previously mentioned sectors will need to continue to drive both traffic and brand awareness to help fuel their growth and stand out from their competition. 

These sectors will be poised to experience new brand creation and will need their online identity to reflect this. Some will continue to put massive budgets into creating this identity by purchasing their exact, as the data shows us with .com continuing to be the most popular and valuable with 158 million .com domain names currently registered.

Or if the .com is truly unattainable for them choose one of the extensions we have seen growing in popularity and dollar volume such as, .io, .co, .tv and even .gg. In four of those extensions, we have completed sales that the sale prices were higher than the highest reported sales.”

Thank You DN Journal

We are honored to have our Founders featured on the panel of experts. DN Journal’s “The State of the Industry” report is always something to look forward to each and every year. DN Journal is always covering what you need to know about the domain industry and beyond.

Thank you Ron Jackson and DN Journal for having us!

We invite you to read the rest of the “State of the Industry” report here.

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