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As domain brokers, we often hear clients say that a domain name is out of their company’s budget. Let’s be honest, to buy a domain is no small price tag. We understand. However, domains now are essential to businesses – digital assets that assist in brand congruence. Obtaining these types of premium digital assets does take a certain level of funds.

BUT – there is a solution! 

I Am Talking About Payment Plans

Yes, payment plans!

When speaking with clients, they do not realize that a considerable number of sellers accept this. Many sellers understand that not every company wants to overextend its budget. Hence, they are willing to accept payments overtime to make the deal happen. 

I had one that just wrapped up recently. My client had no idea this was even a possibility! My client loved the domain, but the price tag was far beyond their cash budget. When I presented the solution of making payments over time, they were ecstatic and wanted to get an offer in front of the seller as quickly as possible. We were able to structure a deal that worked for both the seller and the buyer.

 $850K purchase price, 25% down as first payment, payments for a three-year term, and BAM, the deal is done! The company now has its ideal domain name! Additionally, the seller is involved in a term deal with no risk of losing the domain if the buyer should default. Why? Because we walk both parties through the negotiation, contract, and transfer process. Both parties walked away very happy with the transaction.

Ask Your Domain Broker

So, to all the startups, entrepreneurs, branding agencies, etc., please discuss your options with your domain broker instead of missing out on your perfect domain.

Our job as domain brokers is to help you understand all your options while acquiring or selling a domain and to be transparent through the process. Most sellers are willing to work out a solution to get a deal done, and it’s our job as brokers to navigate how it can be best done for you, our clients. 

If you are interested in selling or buying a domain, you can contact me at Brooke@Saw.com.

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At Saw.com, we love domains and everything they encompass. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have made it our mission to help companies and organizations understand digital assets’ role in the ever-changing internet landscape every step of the way. We specialize in domain acquisition, appraisal, company naming, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services, and more.

No matter the nature, stage, or size of your company, we believe in helping you be seen online, and we pride ourselves in our transparency through the entire process.