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Owning a premium domain has become more and more important for businesses in our digital era. To buy a domain is establishing your company in the online world, and opening yourself to new opportunities. Premium domains make businesses stand out against their competitors. While also improving credibility, trustworthiness, SEO, marketability, mobility and more. 

Chief understood this. Updating from their previous domain, They recently purchased, an exact match premium domain name.   

What is Chief?

Chief is a private membership network for powerful women in leadership positions. Founded in 2019, Chief accepts memberships from women at the executive level of all backgrounds and experience, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. This membership comes with access to other women in the network, core group exercise, workshops, panels and other resources. The goal is to strengthen women’s leadership and the influence they have on those around them. 

Today, Chief has reached over 10,000 members and has secured over $140 million in funding. $100 million of which was a Series B round closed in March of 2022. 


Acquiring an exact match domain name makes businesses more credible and more established online, making them stand separate from competitors and easier to find. has the same trail blazing characteristics as the company who owns it. 

“Owning early on has allowed Chief to build its planned network while signaling to its potential members that it is serious about helping with their professional development in the long term. The power of the domain has likely accelerated the growth of this elite network.” 

James Iles, Domain Name Wire Co-Founder, Amanda Waltz, teamed up with fellow industry leading female domain broker Tessa Holcomb for the sale. 

Congratulations on all of your success, Chief! We love seeing businesses we have worked with doing amazing things. This is one incredible woman owned business. For more, visit

“I’ve been with Chief since the beginning as a consultant to the Co-Founders leading strategy and execution of their domain acquisition. I knew then when they launched I had to be a part of the founding members here in Boston. One of the best decisions of my career! Wishing Lindsay, Carolyn and the Chief teams continued success breaking all the rules.”

Amanda Waltz, Co-Founder


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