brand congruency

There are many factors that go into running a business, and even more to make that business successful. Huge contributors to the success of a business can be productivity, profit, retained customers, buying a domain and building a website, etc. However, one of the most important parts of making a business successful is brand congruencey. 

Brand congruence is what marries all the different aspects of your business into one synonymous experience for customers. Today we discuss what brand congruence is, why it is important for your business and how to achieve it.

What is Brand Congruency?

Brand congruencey is the harmony and consistency of your business. A strong brand ensures their mission – the why, how, when, with, who, what – is cohesive both internally and externally. Defining a clear voice in business builds company culture, creates brand personality and makes a better experience for both employees and customers. 

Brand congruence is an imperative step when running a business because of its power to attract and retain customers. 

The theory of brand congruence states that consumers have a favorable attitude towards brands that greatly match their self-concept. Meaning, customers favor brands that create products and have a brand voice that align with their beliefs, interests and needs.

When you take the time to create a strong brand congruence, you attract customers and build a relationship with them.

Why is Brand Congruency Important For a Business?

Today, shopping at a business is more than just walking into a store. Customers want an experience. They want to see and feel the brand that goes further than the storefront. Customers look for a brand with a unique personality and culture. Furthermore, they look for the experience a brand can give them through the storefront, website, social media, etc. This can all be achieved through brand congruencey.

Here is why brand congruencey is important for businesses:

Builds Relationship With Customers

Customers want to shop with a brand that gives them an experience, but also holds similar values and interests as them. A business with a clear mission and unique brand personality will attract and retain more customers. 

For example, if a customer values sustainability, they are more likely to shop with a business taking initiatives to be sustainable and eco friendly than one that is not.

Sets You Apart From Competitors

No two businesses are the same, each one has their own origin story, their own mission and brand. However, not all businesses have mastered brand congruence. Taking the time to not only build your brand but to ensure brand congruence across all areas of your business sets you apart. 

And, your customers will notice!

Builds a Better Brand Culture

When your brand mission is clear – you can feel it across all areas of your business. Your core values are evident though your employees, storefront, website, social media, etc. Because of this, your brand will develop a unique personality and culture that will attract future customers.

Avoid Brand Disconnect

The opposite of congruence is disconnect, unbalance, inconsistency, incompatibility.

When your brand core values do not align and your brand voice is not harmonious across your business storefront, social media, website, employees, etc. – there is a disconnect. Customers will be able to feel the disconnect.

How to Achieve Brand Congruencey

“We see more and more businesses understand the significance of their domain name as the front door to their company and that the domain reinforces the qualities of the company’s brand. I heard someone say once, “The start of the journey into a company online is their domain name.”

Brooke Hernandez,

The first step to achieving brand congruence begins at the heart of your business. Your mission  – the why, how, when, who, with, what. 

  • Why did you start this business? Why are your core values important to your business?
  • How did you create this business?
  • When did you have this business idea and when did you start building on the idea?
  • Who was beside you?
  • With what resources did you start building your business?
  • What was the product? What was the dream?

When you have a sound answers to questions like these and you can properly convey this mission to both your employees and customers, you can start to build your brand congruence and further your brand culture.

Once you have made your core values clear, it is about enforcing them in all areas of your business. Ensuring your employees exemplify these values and create the right environment for customers. Creating initiatives and philanthropy. Listening to your customers and letting customers get involved, etc.

Just remember to always go back to why you started.


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