The showpiece is a fractional ownership platform that gives everybody the opportunity to purchase and enjoy the world’s rarest and most desirable collectables, which were previously only owned by the wealthy few. Showpiece is making the unobtainable, obtainable. Through Showpiece, anybody can buy into some of the world’s rarest collectibles. The first historic treasure available? The infamous ONE CENT Magenta stamp, launching now. 

At, our mission is to help companies of every size be seen online. We help companies like Showpiece buy a domain to help them reach their company goals. We helped Showpiece upgrade to their exact match “.com” domain, would like to congratulate Showpiece on the purchase of their premium domain name. We wish them luck on their future endeavors, making the unobtainable, obtainable! Check out Showpiece and sign up for early access to their collectables. 

What Showpiece is Saying About

We spoke with Danny Carter about Showpiece’s experience with while acquiring the domain. Here is what Carter said:

1. Tell us about your company.

We are Showpiece and our mission is to democratize ownership of the world’s rarest and most sought-after collectables through fractional ownership. Through Showpiece, everyone will be able to own and enjoy previously unobtainable items.

2. What made you decide to invest the money to upgrade your domain name?

Showpiece is a fractional ownership platform for extraordinary treasures. These items are some of the most famous and valuable items in the world… We needed a domain of the same caliber to really highlight how remarkable our offering is.

3. What sparked your interest in What was the process you took to pick this domain name for your company?

A lot of brainstorming and effort! The ‘.com’ domain was really important to us. We wanted a simple yet powerful name that would really highlight who we are and what we do. We are grateful we managed to find this all in one word!

4. Were you happy with the service you received from

Yes. provided an exceptionally good service (even though the time difference was quite large). They made the whole process as smooth and easy as possible. 

5.  Is there any additional information about your story you would like to add?

Our first item goes live in November 2021 and it is the world’s most valuable stamp… the One-Cent Magenta. This stamp is the most valuable man-made item by weight in the world (over 2 million times more valuable than solid gold!) and soon everybody can own a piece of it.

Ready to Acquire a Domain with would again like to congratulate Showpiece on the purchase of! Be sure to look at the ONE CENT Magenta stamp, on their site now. 

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