Jeffrey Gabriel, Co-Founder and CEO of, was recently featured in an article on Domain Gang. In the interview with Domain Gang, Gabriel discussed business identity rebranding and choosing a logo. This interview comes just a week after the reveal of the new logo and website design. 

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Jeffrey Gabriel on Identity Rebrand

Gabriel was on Domain Gang to discuss identity rebranding. Additionally, the importance of having a logo and Gabriel was on Domain Gang to discuss identity rebranding and the importance of having a logo and name that effectively presents the essence of your brand. For the new logo, the goal of the design was to visually represent’s mission as a domain brokerage company. Our mission? Working with companies from startups to big corporations to help them buy a domain, sell a domain and protect a domain. 

We have found that most of our clients are entrepreneurs, startups, innovators, and small business owners. So we decided to create a look and feel that caters to those pushing the boundaries and is nothing but ordinary. From start to finish, we are here to cater to that kind of client.”

Jeffrey Gabriel

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