showing a face behind your business

It is 2022. We have access to technology with the power to connect one another, and it is time to take advantage of it. 

As a business owner, you should be utilizing this technology to strengthen your brand and connect with your customers. This is all a part of building your online presence and brand perception. Buy a domain that matches your brand and build up your social media content to assist with the marketing. As a business, it has become imperative that you show the faces that make up your amazing brand! Customers, and future customers, want to see it. Furthermore, your employees want to be a part of it. 

Here is our guide to the importance of showing a face behind your business and how to incorporate this into your marketing plans.

The Face Behind The Brand Matters

Why should you show the faces behind your business? Out of all the reasons, you should do it because it builds trust with customers. However, there are many other reasons why showing the face behind your brand matters.

Shows Your Brand is Relevant

When you prioritize showing behind the scenes and the faces behind your brand, it shows your business is relevant.

Your customers will notice. Keeping up with industry trends shows you are a modern business that meets the needs of customers and stands out from competitors by adapting to new trends.

Gives Your Brand a Personal Touch 

It is sometimes difficult to connect with a brand with no face or personal touch. Especially online. Customers prefer to engage with individuals, or businesses that add that authentic feel. 

Which is more trustworthy? A business website with a robot feel or an online business that displays photos of their founders, philanthropies and employee testimonials? 

Incorporating a human face, like your employees and the stories that make your company unique, will make your customers resonate with you and trust you. 

Shows Your Brand is Professional

In addition to giving your brand a personal touch, this also gives you an opportunity to show your professionalism. The face behind the brand gives customers a person to connect with, on a personal and professional level.

The faces behind your business are professionals, experts in their field. They understand what their customer needs and are dedicated to the customer experience. Ensure this professionalism and expertise shine through!

How To Show The Face Behind Your Business

Here are a few ways to incorporate showing the face behind the brand into your marketing plan! Remember, no business is the same – do what works for you and your brand.

Show The Behind the Scenes 

Customers today want to see everything, and they want to be a part of everything. Take customers behind the scenes on social media with lives or stories. Show how a product is made from start to finish. Or give customers a sneak peek of an upcoming product or announcement.

Any insider look you can give your customers will get them excited for what’s coming. Additionally, they will appreciate the transparency and insider look. It shows you have nothing to hide – and also gives you an opportunity to show you practice what you preach. 

For example, if you are a sustainable business and your behind the scenes shows you truly are making strides to protect the environment and be sustainable in the workplace – your customers will appreciate this. 

Strengthen Your “About Us”

Customers want to get to know your brand before they shop with you. So, tell them your story.

Ensure when they visit the “About Us” section of your website, it is updated and detailed. This section of your website should give customers a taste of who you are and why you do what you do. It is the perfect place for you to show the faces behind your business. Additionally, with the personal connection created through your about us page, it should encourage customers to explore other areas of your site and social media. 

  • Tell them your origin story – why did you start your business? 
  • Share photos of your founders and give a detailed background about them. 
  • Share photos and descriptions of your leadership team
  • Display your first product and why you felt it needed to be on the market
  • Encourage your customers to reach out to you, follow your social media and get to know you

Employee Posts and Takeovers

Employees are who makes your brand operate. 

Have them share their unique story with your customers. Allow them to take over your social media, or do an employee testimonial. This builds a company culture that celebrates one another, but also lets customers get to know your team on a personal level.


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