sold was recently sold with the help of our team at This desirable, premium domain name is a huge addition to Comet. When you buy a domain, a short, one word, exact match, brandable domain name is the golden standard. And that is exactly what Comet got! This domain is sure to make Comet stand apart from other domains on the internet, and define the company as an industry leader.

Comet is a machine learning company specializing in self-hosted and cloud-based platforms. Allowing data scientists to compare, explain and track models. Their goal is to help companies drive business impacts using AI while improving productivity, collaboration and visibility across teams.

Securing the .Com

Currently branded on, Comet was approached by our team about upgrading to Additionally, what that would do for their continued expansion. To open the conversation, our team provided a consultative approach to learning more about their business, customers, prospects, etc. Using the valuable information gained through the CEO and Corporate Counsel, Kris Hou, led him in the direction of recommending the .com upgrade. 

It was clear to him after listening to the companies concerns that they would benefit from acquiring If they were to succeed, this asset would help drive their continued expansion.

Kris and Corporate Counsel discussed the relevant trademark protection considerations as well as the SEO and marketing benefits. Additionally, the elevated trust .com domains convey in discussion with future investors and also prospective customers. After this discussion, Comet’s Counsel and CEO brought the option to the Board of Directors. They decided they had to give it a go based on the intellectual property and trademark considerations alone. 

Comet agreed that upgrading to the .com was an important move for their company and investors. So, they hired our team and we got to work to see if there was a deal to be done! 

The Acquisition

We contacted the current owner and explained that he had a company interested in taking over the name. The .com was not currently active from a public point of view, and we soon learned that the .com domain was indeed used for an internal intranet/client portal. It was a key tool for the current owners, and if we were able to come to the right financial considerations we would also have to “untangle” the domain from one commercial use to the next. This would have to been taken into the considerations and be worked through as the portal currently supported over 700 clients as an integral part of their business.

The current owner advised that they had been approached twice in recent months with six figure offers. So, the price offered would need to be well above those offers for their board of directors to consider parting ways with the asset. were made aware of this and advised Kris of their best price for the domain.

Kris gave this price to the current owners and even though one of the other parties had been back in touch and offered higher than this, the current owner decided to work a deal with us. We were willing to actively speak over video conference calls adding an extra level of trust and legitimacy to our process. This is what swayed it for the owners of The personal touch meant a lot to them, and ultimately clinched the deal.


The current owners asked for a thirty day frame to migrate their internal systems to another domain and for to start a payment plan. However, when the company lawyers got involved to move things along the deal was done in just two weeks with the help of Amanda and Jeff of to facilitate a contract that was effective and agreeable for all parties. This included one payment via Once all data was migrated within not only on budget, but also under the deadline…fast tracked to two weeks!

Both companies walked away very happy with their expectations exceeded. Both the buyer and seller were very accommodating throughout, making the transaction smooth and a big win for both sides.

Exact Match Domains

“Our team loves working with companies who understand the importance of not only having TM for their brand, but also are serious when securing their .com domains. The combination becomes a winning strategy digital trust and legitimacy for online commercial use.”

Amanda Waltz, Co-Founder of

It is increasingly important for early stage companies to acquire their exact match domain name for their brand. Following this path is one of the best ways to ensure their brand is protected with a competitive edge while keeping up with SEO and digital marketing consideration for the future of their brand online. 

If you have been trying to acquire a domain, or other IP asset and have come up empty, why not give our team a try, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! 


At, we love domains and everything they encompass. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have made it our mission to help companies and organizations understand digital assets’ role in the ever-changing internet landscape, every step of the way. We specialize in domain acquisition, appraisal, company naming, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more.

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