celebrating 2 years

Two years of helping you be seen online.

Today, December 15th, 2021, marks the 2nd anniversary of Saw.com. We have come a long way from our launch in 2019. We would like to thank our team, colleagues and of course, our amazing clients. On our two year anniversary we look back on the beginning of our story and look forward to the future of Saw.com!

Our Story

Let us jump back to December 15th, 2019, a global pandemic was brewing and so was Saw.com. Two domain industry experts decided to begin a new adventure – starting a business. Jeffrey Gabriel and Amanda Waltz built their company on their passion for the industry and helping clients meet each and every one of their goals. 

At Saw.com we pride ourselves in our transparency with clients and our enthusiasm for helping businesses with everything from branding to portfolio management and of course, buying a domain

We are so proud of our team and how far we have come as a company in the past two years. 

Words from Our Team

Hear from our amazing team as we celebrate two years of our company!

Jeffrey Gabriel, Co-Founder and CEO

We set out with a specific plan and goal in mind. We had a plan on how to get there, but the journey we went on could not have gone differently. Looking back at it, I would not have had it any other way. 

We launched Saw.com with the help of Ron Jackson in mid-December 2020. Then, we really kicked it off in January the following year. We gained a significant amount of momentum, closing a sizable amount of dollar volume along with many transactions in the first half of March. Then pandemic hit, and on March 15, 2020, we hit a wall. It seemed like the world stopped, so did our business. That April, we had barely any sales, and everyone we were working with said to follow up with us in 3 months, 6 months or the project is shelved altogether. I remember being very worried about our professionals, but also all our personal lives. 

We ended up having a meeting where I said, “Guys, if the buyers aren’t buying right now, we need to make sure we keep working as hard as we can, so when they do, we will be at the front of the line.”

As I always have said, “Hard work always pays off.” 

In about mid-June, it did. It was like someone hit a switch, and we have been rocking and rolling ever since. 

Our focus has mainly been working with startups, venture capital firms, and entrepreneurs. We offer a consultative sales approach that adds value to their brand strategies. This has lead to us assisting in sales like: 

Ai.com, Candy.com, Yac.com, Experience.com, Go.TV, Vamp.com, Kevel.com, Alloy.com, B.Fit, and many many more. 

We are looking forward to a great future with a solid team of  six brokers, ten support staff and that includes some of the industry’s best minds to bring some great products to add value to our clients and, most importantly, have much fun and laughs doing it.

Amanda Waltz, Co-Founder

I would also like to include during the time when contracts and sales were stalled, we decided to stay the course and plan for the recovery ahead.  

If we had failed to plan; then we would have surely failed.  We focused on our messaging and listening to the needs of of customers for when they were ready.  Their recovery fueled ours.  

Paul Thomson

Jeff and Amanda have worked so hard since starting the business and it is constantly evolving into new areas, congratulations to you both and I look forward to working with and alongside you both to make 2022 a bigger success.

Rob Wilson

Can it really be two years already??!?! Happy Anniversary to Saw.com, what an incredible couple of years it has been! Growing a business through what has been an uncertain time and to have done so well is a real achievement and a testimony to the dedication and innovation of our founders and team. Here’s to many more years of success.

Kris Hou

Happy two years to Saw.com! I know we will continue to be more influential and help more people who need help finding their perfect domain name.

Brooke Hernandez

“May we live to learn well, and learn to live well.” Happy two years Saw.com, may we continue to grow in 2022!

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