6.99 to 2500 IG

It is funny sometimes when I speak to clients. They say to me, “Sir Jeff, we are looking to purchase X domain name, but it is probably only for a few thousand dollars. I won’t bother you with that. It just isn’t big enough.” My response is always, “Bring it on! Happy to help!”

There are a few reasons for this. The most important one is great salespeople are doers. We always have and want something to do, something to work on, and something to dream about. There is never a day where a salesperson’s job is “done”, and they are waiting for something new. When I am busy, shucking and jiving, and have a lot of deals going on I am a lot more efficient, motivated, and fulfilled. I would rather close ten small sales than one big one.

Chasing the white whale (A huge blockbuster sale) and being a modern-day Captain Ahab have their rewards, but those that decide for the huge wins will go long periods of time without anything. The money a salesperson makes on a sale like this could hold them over for potentially years, but mentally speaking going months without a sale would be downright depressing! For the record when I was trying to sell Sex.com a number of years ago I was still closing sales for 1,500 the same month I sold that.


In this particular case, Doron Vermaat, CEO of Efty purchased BeaverSwap.com for just $6.99 a couple of months ago. He got an inbound lead on his own platform and tried to handle it himself. When the buyer didn’t respond he sent it using the Saw.com/Efty.com Domain Brokerage integration and sent the opportunity to us. In a matter of days we were able to sell it for $2,500.

He highlighted this on his own company blog right here:

One of the other things that keep us salespeople motivated is laughter. We had a couple of chuckles over this domain name and we are looking forward to seeing what the buyer of beaverswap.com is going to do with it!

Congratulations to them, thank you and nice pickup to Doron. Also, great job to our Broker, Paul Thomson for jumping on the opportunity and making it happen.

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Jeffrey Gabriel