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When I have brought up decentralized domains in conversations with client and colleagues a lot do not know what they are. I decided to write a two part article that will cover what they are, as well as the positives and the negatives of them. You can read my longer, more detailed version on

In a traditional, centralized domain name system IANA is in control of the single, authoritative root. While ICANN is in charge of managing IANA. Additionally, ICANN delegates the management of specific TLDs in the root to various registries and these registries authorize companies called registrars to sell individual domain names to customers. 

The biggest limitation to this traditional system is censorship., along with everyone that owns a domain that you most likely know exists, is affected by the centralized domain name system. Although we are not a registry, we do help people sell domains, buy domains, and protect domains. We use systems like ICANN and various registries everyday to assist us with our work.

Decentralized Domains

Decentralized alternatives to the traditional Domain Name System have been receiving more and more attention lately. Why? Solution providers and blockchain technology-friendly browsers are making this possible. However, with a decentralized domain name system no centralized point of control, or of failure, exists. Or, at least that is the main goal.

What are the possible benefits of a decentralized domain name system anyway?

To name a few, censorship resistance, no yearly registrations just one payment, anonymity and the security dimension. However, these are not without some disadvantages. You can learn all about it by reading my article on Circle ID: Want to  here

Also, stay tuned for part two of this article – The Dark Side of Decentralized Domain Names. 


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