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Choosing a company name and branding your business is no easy task. Finding and buying a domain name is a whole new challenge.

A domain name has the power to bring a company to a new level of success by strengthening the business’s online presence. Additionally, a domain name can increase credibility, branding, improves SEO, improve trustworthiness with customers and so much more. The only con? Acquiring a domain name comes with some work.

That’s why you should work with a professional domain broker! Brokers can make the sale and/or acquisition process so much easier, and provide additional support during your business branding. Here are a few reasons why you should work with a domain broker.

What Does a Domain Broker Do?

Did you know there are over 350 million domain names registered on the internet? In the confusing world of domain names, it can feel impossible to find a domain that fits your business, at the price you want. This is where a domain broker comes in. 

Domain brokers are experts in everything domain names. Essentially, they are real estate agents, but on the Internet. They assist with the acquisition and selling of domain names, your virtual business address. 

There are two types of brokers; buyer brokers and seller brokers. A buyer broker represents you when you want to acquire a domain. A seller broker represents you when you want to sell a domain. However, many brokers can assist you with both buying and selling domains.

Why You Should Work With a Domain Broker 

So, why should you hire a domain broker? How do they make acquiring and selling domains easier? Here are just a few reasons. 

1. They Are The Experts

Simply put, no one knows the domain industry better than domain brokers.

No amount of research could educate you on acquiring or selling a domain better than a broker. Especially one that has been in the industry for years. They are the experts, they know the ins and outs of the complex industry. They have experience selling and buying domain names, a strong network, they understand the pricing, negotiating, and will have backup domain options in mind.

2. They Protect Your Privacy

The second advantage to hiring a domain broker is that your privacy is protected. Since a domain broker acts as the middle person between you the buyer and the seller, it allows your identity to be anonymous. If that is what you want. 

Why would you want your privacy to be protected?

Say you are a successful company looking for a new domain, or a company looking to rebrand. If you start searching for domains and reaching out to sellers yourself, your identity will be known. The seller could raise the price if they find out who you and your company are. Or, your inquiry on a new domain could reveal your  future business plans.

3. They Have a Strong Network

Brokers, especially those who have been in the industry for a long time, have a huge list of contacts. This includes the domain industry and beyond. 

An experienced broker with a large network opens the door to more options when you are searching for a domain. They will have contacts with other domain brokers, registrars and with past clients and companies they have previously worked with.  

4. They Handle Everything 

One of the best parts of hiring a domain broker is that they handle everything. Yes, everything.

When you hire a broker, they take on all the nitty gritty work that comes with acquiring, or selling, a domain. This includes the research to find the buyer or seller, communicating with the buyer or seller and the negotiation and contract. 

5. Broker’s Have Negotiation Experience

Broker’s handle everything. That includes negotiations. 

Negotiations are difficult, especially if you do not have any negotiation experience. A domain broker handles all of this for you. They can mediate any tension or disagreements on pricing. Additionally, you can trust that your domain broker is getting you a fair price for the domain. 

6. They Are Also Experts In Branding

In addition to being experts on domains, brokers are also very experienced in branding. 

Brokers can work with you to develop future business plans. Including naming your company, building your online presence, help with defensive registration, portfolio management and more. 

7. They Work For You

Finally, one of the best parts of hiring a domain broker is that they work for you. Only you!

They are there to help you through the acquisition or selling of a domain, branding, etc. They are the person you can ask questions to, the person to trust, the person to help you with branding, and anything else you need when it comes to building your online presence! 

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