why does web design matter

A business website design is sometimes the difference between a completed sale, or a closed tab.

Research shows that 94% of people’s first impression of a website is design related. It is the look and feel that matters to customers. The font, size of font, texture, colors, graphics, space to text ratio. So, it is imperative to your online marketing that your website is well designed. In addition to the look of your website – this also means your website effectively conveys your business, is professional, loads properly, etc.  

The first step of building your online presence is to buy a domain. Preferably one that matches your company name. Next, you have to understand why web design matters. Here is our guide:

Why Does Web Design Matter?

Website design is important because of its direct impact on how customers view your brand. It is your job to market your business in a way that grabs customers attention in a positive manner. 

You may be wondering – if I have an amazing product and excellent customer service, does my web design truly matter? The answer is yes.

Here is why:

Sets a Strong First Impression

A person makes a first impression in mere milliseconds. You need to make these milliseconds count. To make sure every first impression is a positive one, design a website that immediately appears legitimate, trustworthy and is aesthetically pleasing. 

Improves SEO Strategy

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to your website from search engines. Better SEO means more traffic to your website, more searches and more sales. SEO is a game changer.

SEO takes a lot of work. It requires behind the scenes website building, quality content, optimizing web pages, tags and keywords and of course a well designed website. It takes a lot of time, but you will be more likely to attract customers and retain more customers. 

Builds Trust with Customers

If you entered a colorless site that had not been updated since 2014 and was overcrowded with text, would you continue to shop? Probably not. The site would appear unused, outdated and would fail to grab your attention. Even a very legitimate company would appear untrustworthy with this website.

Think of your audience:

  • What would grab their attention? 
  • Why are they shopping with you? 
  • What do they want to see? 
  • How can you make their shopping experience with you better?

When you understand your audience, your website’s design will flourish. 

Makes You Stand Out

It is 2022 – every business is paying attention to website design. If you do not have any other reason to properly design your website, keep in mind that your competitors are doing it. 

Most business competitors may have similar products and pricing. Web design offers you the opportunity to set your business apart from others in the industry. If you have a low quality website, your SEO will suffer and your competitors will outrank you in search engines.


You can design your website any way you would like. However, when you design your website smart you can utilize conversions. A website conversion is when a user completes a desired action on a website, such as purchasing a specific product or signing up for an email list. 

With conversions, you can draw users attention to particular areas of your site – a new product, deals, calls to action, etc. For example, the minimalist Apple site is all white space with their new product large front and center. It is impossible to not spend a few moments looking at the product before navigating to another part of the site. This would be considered a conversion, and there are many ways to design your site to optimize them into sales.

Makes You Look Professional

Customers decide in seconds whether your business is credible or not. Ensure your business website portrays your business in a professional manner. 

Website designs that are modern, organized, up to date and brand consistent make your business look more established and professional. Additionally, customers will want to shop with you!

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