Gift giving just got a whole lot easier. And a lot more fun. 

Gift messaging bot, Kodie, allows users to record, write and send personalized gift messages with online orders. Creating a unique way to send gifts. Not to mention, the process is hassle free and paperless! 

The team at Kodie understood the importance of taking the time to build a brand and buy a domain that matches a company’s future goals. The entire team at Saw.com would like to congratulate Kodie.com on their new domain name and wish them luck on their future endeavors! 

Read more about the gift giving experience with Kodie and the premium domain acquisition below.

Kodie.com x Saw.com

We spoke with Riccardo Soff of Kodie.com to learn more about Kodie and their experience acquiring the exact match domain, Kodie.com, with us.

1. Tell us about your company. (What does your company provide as a service? What is your mission?)

At Kodie, we want to make gift messaging the best it can be. So, that is what we did. Kodie is a gift messenger app that sends digital gift messages to the recipient’s phone number at the time of order delivery. It is a free service, for ecommerce companies or anyone else looking to add a personalized message to a gift. 

When someone buys a gift from an online store with our widget Kodie installed, that person can send a personalized gift message to the recipient. Kodie receives the personalized message, it is secured with an end to end encryption and tracks the gift order to its final destination. When the order is delivered, the gift message is sent to the recipient. 

Our clients love Kodie because we are paperless and eco friendly, safe and secure and extremely efficient. Additionally, we offer a personalized experience that allows clients to easily track orders and improve their brand. 

2. What sets Kodie apart?

Gift giving can be a lot of work. If you’re an online store owner, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of printing gift messages, packing them with the correct gift order, and shipping them on time to the recipients. Especially during holiday seasons. 

Imagine you are gifting flowers. You choose your flowers, and have the option to enter a written message. That message needs to be physically printed on a machine at the florist and then added into the flower arrangement. Or, has to be handwritten. The act of handwriting or printing a message, and then taking the time to match the message to the correct order creates a huge hassle for merchants. Not to mention the large opportunity for errors. 

With Kodie, this entire messaging experience is digitized. No paper, no mistakes, no hassle. Gifts go directly to the recipient with ease. Additionally, the message can be kept forever! We create a unique, memorable moment when the user receives a gift. We help gifting become a better experience.

3. What made you decide to invest the money in a domain name? How was your experience with us?

This is our first website, so it was a new domain acquisition altogether. We contacted the team at Saw.com to help with our branding effort as well as finding a domain name to match. We wanted a premium domain name that was easy to remember and matched our brand. 

The team at Saw.com helped find us a name we loved. The name Kodie, of Irish origin meaning “helpful”.  We felt this was the best name for our service – we loved how it sounded, and it matched our story and what we are trying to do as a brand. 

Most .com domain names are priced very high, but the Saw.com team helped us acquire the exact match domain name, Kodie.com, at a great price. 

4. What have been the biggest challenges you have faced as a business?

The biggest challenges we have faced as a business was branding. As a startup, we had not spent a lot of money on branding or marketing in the beginning. This is why we reached out to Saw.com, to help with branding and create a website on a premium domain. 

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