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Rebranding is a natural step in the business world. Companies hit a point where they want that extra push to build their business. Rebranding is one way to do it. What comes with rebranding? Finding a domain name that checks all the right boxes. A domain name that matches the new brand name, is short, easy to spell, memorable and unique. 

Rows recently went through a rebrand. Formerly named DashDash, they felt the old name was subpar as both a brand name and a domain name. Some of their reasons were, people not understanding the meaning of DashDash was (“=”), hard to read and say and commonly written incorrectly. 

“It was frustrating to say the least. It took a long time for us to settle on just the right name for our business. helped us make that a reality.”

At, we help companies be seen online. Whether that includes a startup, or an established company looking to rebrand. We are here to help every company buy a domain, sell a domain or protect a domain. Read on to find out more about the rebrand. 

From DashDash to Rows

It’s 2021. It was time for something new. Rows is that something new. Use it to grow your business, automate marketing reports, find leads, collaborate with team members, and so much more. And – you can do it from anywhere! Rows allows you to make it what you want, and make it simple.

Rows is the first true spreadsheet with built-in integrations and a slick sharing experience. Made for teams to build and share their work, all in one place. The type of product we have been waiting for since 2006! 

Learn more about the spreadsheet with superpowers, Rows, here

Not only did the name Rows fit their company – but it worked as a domain as well. The team at Rows understood the power of a premium domain name. So, they secured a four letter domain that is memorable, easy to spell and brandable. Additionally, they found one that worked for their brand and would help them meet their future goals.

Securing the Domain

The team at Rows had the domain they wanted in mind. However, they needed assistance to secure the domain name – This is where we came in! Co-Founder Humberto Ayres Pereira found us online and reached out to our domain broker Rob Wilson. We helped the Rows team secure with open communication and stayed within their budget. 

“It was a pleasure working to acquire the domain name This is an exceptional four letter, premium domain. I was happy to be a part of their rebrand and wish them luck in their future endeavors!” 

Rob Wilson, Domain Consultant 

Congratulations on acquiring, from Rob Wilson and the rest of the domain brokerage team! For more on the rebrand, read their article.

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