Current Marketing Trends

Marketing is the action of promoting and selling a product or service. Today, there are many different types of marketing. To name a few, outbound marketing, personalized marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing, digital marketing and much more. 

All types of marketing are ever changing, and require time and research. Marketing involves an organized plan. For example, a company may buy a domain and build a website, traffic building, social media, SEO and more in order to focus on digital marketing.

Marketing trends are constantly evolving and shifting, forcing businesses to adjust their marketing strategies. Here are some current marketing trends to watch, and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.  

How To Be Successful in Marketing

Before we dive into the current trends in marketing, let’s cover how to be an effective marketer. 

A good marketer does their research. 

As a marketing professional, you need to do a lot of research. You need to be up to date on news and trends and be aware of what is going on in the world. Additionally, you should be data driven.

A good marketer knows their customer

You should know your customer like the back of your hand. You should know their age, education level, language, interests. Furthermore, you should understand your consumers’ problems that need solving. With this information you will more effectively create a marketing strategy that attracts customers to your product or service. 

Current Marketing Trends

Here are 6 current marketing trends and how to implement them into your marketing strategy.

1. Personalization

Personalization is a trend in marketing that continues to remain prominent in the business world. Additionally, a trend that is now an expectation for customers. (80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences.)

It is the act of tailoring an experience to an individual. In business, a brand may observe customers’ habits and interests, and change the experience based on what they find. Personalizing the customer experience could be sending emails that begin with their first name to suggesting content that aligns with their interests. A great example is Netflix’s “because you watched…” feature. It is personalized to the customer and shortens the time of scrolling through Netflix. 

2. Video Based Content

The rise of TikTok and introduction of Instagram Reels and Facebook Watch should be an indicator that video based marketing is in. 

With so many people still working or studying from home, video content offers people a new way to shop. Furthermore, it allows customers to get to know a brand on a whole new level. As a business owner, you could host live streams or events, post stories throughout the day or create edited videos to introduce a product. The opportunities are truly endless!

3. Addressing Global Issues

Customers want to shop with a brand that aligns with their values. That connection can be made by addressing global issues. 

Many companies over the past year have gone cruelty-free or vegan, some have introduced more body positive ads or launched a go green initiative to be more sustainable. Speaking about something that your company values can build trust with customers, and also make a change!

4. Behind the Scenes Content

Customers do not always want to see polished, professional content. Recently, customers have been loving effortless, behind the scenes content.

Post Instagram stories of the process of making a product, then all the way to distributing it. Show how your team plans the launch of a new product or service. Let customers get to know your team by allowing employees to do account takeovers. There are so many ways to implement this into your marketing plans and your customers will love it. 

5. Representation

Being a marketer means knowing your customer. Who is your customer?

Representation is not a trend, but a need in advertising today. Whether that is influencer advertising, print advertising, social media advertising, etc. On your next advertisement, be inclusive. Ensure all of your customers are represented! 

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is huge, and will continue to grow in the coming years. They help give you exposure and build your online credibility. Social media users trust their favorite influencers and celebrities. They value their opinion on products and want what they are using. If your company collaborates with the right person, you could see huge growth in sales of your product or service. 

Who better to rave over your new cosmetic line than a celebrity makeup artist with 200k followers?


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