make a good impression

Everyone knows, first impressions are important. The same goes for your business. 

Within the first few seconds of meeting, people will have an impression of you. Precisely, around the first seven seconds. However, some studies suggest it actually takes just one tenth of a second. This means, when a customer enters your storefront or clicks on your website – their first impression will be made in a mere moment. It is your job to make sure this moment is exceptional. 

With the right tools, like buying a domain and giving customers a welcoming shopping experience, good impressions can be made. This is how your business can make a good first impression, in seconds.

How to Make a Great First Impression

Making sure your business gives a great impression is crucial. In this day and age, we do not always have the luxury of meeting people in person. A lot of our business is now done through ecommerce, and we must rely on our business websites to make that impression for us. 

Whether you are conducting business in person or online, here is our guide to making great first impressions:

Be Welcoming

If you own a storefront and have customers coming in regularly, this is the time to make a good impression. Ensure your storefront has a unique environment that fits your brand and showcases your product.

  •  Is your storefront clean and organized? 
  • What does your storefront smell like? 
  • Is it well lit? 
  • Are your employees friendly and personable? 

If your business is solely online, there are still ways to be welcoming to your customers. The most important is giving your customers an effortless experience from the search bar to navigating their site. Here is how:

  • Own a premium domain name
  • Have a user friendly site
  • Site is well organized and easy to navigate
  • Web design showcases your brand and products 
  • Ensure site works on desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices 

Be Trustworthy

Did you know traits like trustworthiness can be determined within one tenth of a second of meeting someone? That is all it takes for a person’s intuition to kick in to decide if you are trustworthy, or not. 

Trustworthiness in business is essential to building a relationship with customers. If you do not appear trustworthy and credible, you will lose business. So, how do you build trust with your customers?

1. Purchase a premium domain name

Which would you trust? or The obvious answer is It is short, easy to spell, memorable, avoids numbers and hyphens and has a top level domain extension. It is a domain that builds credibility. 

2. Provide amazing customer service

Customers will continue shopping with you when your business has exceptional customer service.

  • Are your employees friendly and helpful?
  • Are you responsive to customer questions?
  • Do you offer loyalty programs and discounts?
  • Is your service consistent?

3. Speak with your customers

The best way to build a relationship with your customers is to speak with them. This way, you can better understand their needs and ensure their needs are met. Additionally, you get to know more about your customers on a personal level, and they can better understand you!

Respond to comments and direct messages on social media, read and reply to positive and negative reviews, get to know them in store, etc. 

Be Personable

There is a reason face to face marketing is effective. When people see a real person behind the brand, there is a whole new level of trust and respect. Today, it is easy to forget that there are real people behind websites and social media pages. 

However, when brands share the people behind the brand it strengthens customer relationships, enhances brand credibility and humanizes the brand.

Design Your Website Well

If your business is predominantly online, your website is the source of first impressions.

People have an opinion on a website in just fifty milliseconds. Customers can not read about your product in those milliseconds, but they can feel out your brand. The feel of your website like colors, font, organization, and photos are all factors that affect a persons feelings on your site. Ensure you take the time to design your website well.

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