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There is a lot that goes into building a website. Coding, SEO, analytics, content, buying a domain – all essential when creating a website. However, the design of your website is what frequently can make or break your business. 

Is it inviting to customers? Easy to navigate? Does it make your company look trustworthy or like spam? Does it feel fresh and current, or outdated?

These are all questions to consider when designing a website. Today, we will be discussing website design trends that you need to know when building a website. Keep your content current with our list of popular website trends in 2022.

Why is Website Design Important?

You might be thinking, if I have an amazing product, why does my website design matter? 

Like a domain name, your website design makes a lasting impression on customers. If they see the domain name along with a poorly developed website, they will probably search elsewhere. When you have a well designed site, customers will stay and shop with you. Furthermore, they will have a positive perception of your brand. 

When meeting someone in person, it takes about 1/10th of a second to form a first impression. The same goes for websites. A person will have an opinion of your website as soon as they open the tab. Whether they stay or leave can be up to you. 

Website Design Trends

Even if some of these trends do not match the feel of your brand, we hope this list brings some inspiration to your design team. Additionally, that you can see how important web design is to the success of a business.

Without further ado, here are website design trends to try in 2022. 

1. Clean Design

Less is more this year.

Take away clutter like unnecessary images and long paragraphs of text. A clean website only keeps the necessary information. Does this mean black and white? No, clean design can still be bold and colorful – you are just taking out some of the noise. 

This design is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate and sure to make a good impression on your customers.

2. Throwback Retro

Old trends are back in 2022. From the early 70s to late 90s and early 2000s, these iconic eras have inspired many of the fashion design trends this year, and web design is no different. 

Think bright colors, layers and overlaps, pixelated images, old computer graphics – this design is fun and more fun. It is a very playful design with lots of room for creativity. If your business is in fashion and beauty, and directed at a younger demographic, this ones for you. 

3. Fine Fonts

Trending fonts are classy and clean. 

The elegance of fonts like serif typefaces are bringing a classic, but bold feel to websites that use them. Utilizing these types of fonts goes hand in hand with minimalist design. When the rest of your website is minimalist and clean, allow the font of your website to be bold. 

Image via Ekateryna Zubal

4. Neutrals

A neutral color palette is here to stay. 

Warm colors like brown and tan pair wonderfully with green and blue earthy tones. More and more we see websites embracing the neutral trend. The trend is simple, but beautiful. Furthermore, this color palette puts an emphasis on sustainability, an effort we see more and more businesses taking on.

5. Movement

What can set you apart from other websites? Movement. This can be videos, changing photos, 3D moving visuals, and so much more. There is lots of room for you and your team to get creative and find different ways to engage your customers. 

3D visuals is one design element being used more frequently. When done correctly, having a minimalist website with 3D visuals can look out of this world. Additionally, you will stand out against competitors and be easy for customers to remember.

6. Symmetry

A website needs balance. But, it is open to your own interpretation. 

Website balance can be symmetrical or unsymmetrical. It can be classic and modern. A symmetrical website can be balanced with grids, equal text and visuals, blank space and filled space. Unsymmetrical websites are more of an organized chaos, a different way to organize text and images but still be cohesive. 

Symmetry can also be done with design. Create a juxtaposition. Play with classic elegance and bold, modern colors. This can be done with shapes, colors, fonts, etc. This design captures viewers attention but also feels clean and easy to navigate. 

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