There are so many moving parts to creating a strong business. Buying a domain, building an online presence or a storefront, forming a strong team of employees, networking, etc. 

However, in many ways, the success of your company lies on how well you build a relationship with your customers. 

A good product and service helps, of course. But, when you build meaningful relationships and trust with customers, amazing things happen. When a customer trusts you and has positive experiences with your business, they become an advocate for you. They will cheer you on and tell their friends about you. Which will eventually attract more customers, create brand credibility, increase revenue and more. 

Today we discuss why customer trust is important and how it can support continued business growth.

What is Customer Trust? Why is it Important?

Customer trust is the faith a consumer has in a company. It represents the consumers’ confidence in a company to give them a good experience and deliver on their promises. 

Why is customer trust so important? And worth spending the time on?

  • Improves your business credibility
  • Customers will advocate for you 
  • Can save money on advertising and marketing 
  • Customers will remain loyal to you (customer retention)
  • Increases revenue
  • Improves business reputation 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • No trust = No customers
  • Customers will offer suggestions/feedback
  • Word of mouth 
  • Customers will engage with your business more (social media, events, etc.)

How to Build Trust with Customers

Here are our tips for building lasting trust with your customers. 

Ask For Feedback

The best way to get feedback on your business? Ask for it!

Asking your customers for feedback shows them that you care what they have to say. Additionally, that you value and respect their opinions. 

  • Add a review/comments & complaints page to your website 
  • Have a link to leave a review 
  • Ask for Direct Messages on social media 
  • Mention it in store 
  • Ask for reviews on the phone 

Listen To Reviews

If you are encouraging your customers to leave reviews, listen to them! Value your customers’ opinion and take their advice to make your business better. 

Both negative and positive feedback are beneficial for your business. Celebrate the positive feedback. Learn from the negative feedback, and be sure not to remove it. Remember, 100% good reviews can make it look like you are filtering your reviews. 

Listening and appreciating both negative and positive feedback shows that you are a business who wants to make themselves better. 

Focus on Customer Experience 

The customer experience, also referred to as CX, is your customer’s perception of how your business treats them. CX includes the quality of how you treat customers. However, it also includes advertising, packaging, product and/or service, reliability, etc. 

When you give your customers a unique and memorable customer experience they will want to return and shop with you again.

Be Transparent

Customers want to know more about your company. So show them!

Being transparent is crucial in building customer trust. It is no secret that seeing the faces behind the company brings a personal experience to customers. Transparency makes customers feel connected to your brand on a new level and shows your company is proud of what you do!

  • Take customers behind the scenes on social media (If you are a restaurant, show you hand picking fresh produce from a local farm. If you’re a clothing company, show the process from design to manufacturing to in stores.)
  • Answer customer questions in detail
  • Let your employees shine and tell their stories on social media or your website
  • Publish detailed information about your product or service
  • Share lots of photos and videos on social media and your website. Your customers want to see!

Put Your Customer First

The number one rule for all businesses, put your customer first. 

When your customers believe that you value them and always put them first, they will develop a true connection to your company. Keep your customer as the center of your business and trust will come. 


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