Importance of Web Design

In the past few years, the importance of a digital footprint has grown more and more. It is nearly required for individuals and businesses to have a website and social media in order to keep up with global ecommerce. We have the pandemic and developing technology to thank for that. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a rise in online activity as businesses were forced to shift their efforts to the Internet. Thus, creating a need for businesses large and small to put in the time and effort to develop their web and social media pages.

Entering 2022, it is crucial for businesses to develop their website. This begins with buying a domain and continues into designing the website. Today we discuss the importance of website design and how it can benefit your business. 

Website Design Trends in 2021

As we said, the pandemic over the past two years changed the business world forever. Additionally, the shift to primarily online business will surely have a lasting effect.  

Here is what we learned about website design in 2021:

  • 38% of people stopped engaging with a website if the content or layout were unattractive.
  • 57% of internet users said they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website, especially on mobile.
  • Users form an opinion on your website in 50 milliseconds – that is 0.05 seconds. 
  • First impressions are 94% design related, and based on visuals and design. 
  • Websites that take over 2 seconds to load are abandoned by 47% of users.
  • Half of website users believe that design is the top factor supporting a website’s credibility.

Benefits of Website Design

2021 showed us the importance of first impressions. Furthermore, how crucial visuals and design are to those first impressions. In mere milliseconds, users will have an opinion on your site. That first half second is the difference between a customer trusting your brand or closing the browser. 

Having a well designed business website provides countless benefits for your company, but here are a few: 

  • Sets a strong first impression
  • Improves SEO strategy
  • Builds trust with your target market
  • Makes you stand out among competitors
  • Makes you look more professional

Tips for Designing a Website 

Your website is how you show your brand to the public. It should stand out, look professional and most importantly, be you. 

Here are our tips for designing a visually appealing website:

1. Make sure you stand out

When it comes to designing a website, visual appeal even beats usability. This shows just how critical the look of your website is. 

This is different for every company, but make sure you pay attention to details. What colors look good together? What font is easy to read and fits your brand? How many tabs are there? 

2. Design with a target market in mind

When designing a website, users should be your top priority. Make sure you have defined a clear target market before designing your website. Who is the target market? What is their age? What are their interests? Would something in particular grab their attention?

3. Ensure it is easy to navigate

Besides being visually appealing, your site needs to be easy to navigate. This means your customers should be able to find what they are looking for in just 2-3 clicks. Make sure your homepage is organized and the tabs are clear (shop, about us, contact, etc.) Additionally, make sure your information is quick to find and easy to read. 

By doing this you can maximize readership and minimize website standstills. 

4. Make your website symmetrical

This goes hand in hand with being easy to navigate. Make sure your website is well organized and balanced. Do not put all of your information in one section and leave the rest of the page blank. 

Spread your information out, add photos, and leave a good amount of open space. This will make your website feel symmetrical, organized and professional. 

5. Develop an efficient mobile site

Did you know 91% of small business websites aren’t optimized for mobile use? Furthermore, over half of the global internet users access websites on their mobile devices. This is a problem. 

Businesses need to make sure their mobile site is fast and performs well. Build your website to common website standards and make sure you are regularly testing your site for speed and functionality issues.

Invest the Time and Money

Although these tips might sound tedious, going the extra mile to design your website will pay off. You will build trust with your customers, stand out from competitors and improve in all areas from SEO to sales. We urge you to spend the time, and invest the money, in designing the perfect website to showcase your brand.

Start Your Website Design With a Domain Name

You can not begin designing a website without acquiring a domain name first. 

A domain name is essentially your street address, but online. It is how new and returning customers will find you. The easier it is to find you, the more likely customers are to return to your site. 

Our team of domain brokers have years of experience in the industry. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we handle the nitty-gritty work for you. 

Our mission is to help you be seen online. If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation.