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An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business and takes on greater risks in order to be successful. Entrepreneurs are forward thinking, imaginative, risk taking and determined. Who better to get business advice from? 

We understand, building a small business from the ground up is difficult. The process is filled with uncertainty and wild curve balls at every corner. When building a small business, you juggle various responsibilities; product development, designing a storefront, employees, buying a domain, building a website, and about a hundred more. 

Building a small business is no easy task. Which is why it is important to learn from those who have already been in your shoes. Here is our small business advice, from entrepreneurs.

Small Business Advice, from Entrepreneurs

Every business is different, and so is every business owner. Nevertheless, here is some of our best advice to keep in mind as you build your business. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

If you constantly turn away from risky opportunities, your business will never grow. Take the plunge, go in 100%. Be risky, but also be smart. 

If you try something and it fails, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Learn from the mistake and adapt in the future.

“When I speak to people who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur they say, “What if I fail?” Reality is you will fail, and make mistakes every single day. Don’t dwell on them. Learn from them and move on.” 

 Jeffrey Gabriel, CEO and Co-Founder,

Invite Challenges

Entrepreneurs do not shy away from a challenge, they welcome it. 

You will face challenges while building your business. It is simply inevitable. Instead of seeing every challenge as a setback, change your mindset to seeing it as an opportunity. Encourage your team to do the same. 

Welcome the challenge and watch you and your team grow.

Be Open

As a small business owner, it is important to keep an open mind. Do not be closed off to input and new ideas. Instead, be open! Create a work environment that encourages collaboration and new ideas. This ensures that your team is constantly engaging and sharing new thoughts. Additionally, listen to what your customers have to say. It is crucial to have two way, open communication with your customer. Customers want to have a personal experience when shopping with you, and you should want that too!

Welcome positive and negative feedback, encourage new ideas and welcome challenges. 

Have a Good Support System

Even the best entrepreneurs can not carry a business by themselves. Make sure you have a strong support system around you. Surround yourself with a team of people who support you and your vision. Having the right team of driven and intelligent people will bring your business extremely far. They are the ones you can bounce ideas off of, learn from and trust.

In addition to your direct team, make sure you network. Have people across your industry and beyond that you can reach out to and learn from.

Be Customer Oriented

Keep your customer at the center of your business.

Your business serves the customer – you need to know them like the back of your hand. Listen to their wants, fulfill their needs, and build a strong relationship with them. 

“My best advice for any small business owner is to always be open and listening for and to customer and employee feedback. If there are solutions to be found for streamlining business, talking with the front line people is usually the best way to gain this valuable insight.”

Amanda Waltz, Co-Founder of


There is such a thing as overspending and underspending. 

 You do not need to buy the newest and shiniest of everything when you are starting out. It is possible to find equally reliable equipment and software at a lower price. However, never investing in your company can also hurt you down the road. You need to decide what is worth investing in, or not, to make you successful. 

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