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FloralSupplies.com is the one stop shop for all your floral supply needs. From silk flowers and flower bags to velvet flower boxes and gift wrapping – they have it all. FloralSupplies.com has every floral product you need, for every event. Check out their beautiful products here

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Saw.com would like to congratulate FloralSupplies.com on the purchase of the domain name and we wish them luck on their future endeavors! 

What FloralSupplies.com is Saying about Saw.com 

We spoke with Randy Huang of FloralSupplies.com about his experience working with Saw.com to acquire this domain. Here is what Randy said:

1. Tell us about FloralSupplies.

We purchased the domain FloralSupplies.com and started to run the business. We sell florist’s tools and floral designer accessories such as flower wrapping paper, flower hat boxes, ribbons, vases, artificial flowers and plants, etc.

2. What made you decide to invest the money to upgrade your domain name or purchase a premium one?

Most of our products are sold through B2C platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, Wish. As we all know, running a business on a B2C platform is not easy. We have to abide by platform rules and pay high commission. Now the profit margin is getting smaller and smaller because of the less traffic and fierce malicious competition from other sellers. Moreover, many of our customers have different requirements in product customization, delivery and payment methods. Therefore, in order to serve customers better and improve product profits, we have to develop and build our brand Website. 

3. What sparked your interest in this domain name? What was the process you took to pick this domain name for your company?

As I mentioned, our main business is selling flower shop supplies and accessories and we need a name that is easy to remember. Having a simple brand name which is recognized and understood on a global scale is very important to us. floralsupplies.com is just what we need.  It doesn’t need much explanation and it can make customers quickly know and remember our floral supplies. Also, Google searches volume of this keyword is so high.Target customers can find us more easily which can save huge marketing costs.

4. Were you happy with the service you received from us?

Yes, I was very pleased. You responded very quickly and we were able to negotiate the price within our budget. Actually before I got to you, I had already contacted two domain name brokers to buy this domain. Unfortunately, their service was very bad. When I was thinking a competitor may beat us to get floralsupplies.com, luckily, I found you. 

5. What have been the biggest challenges you have faced as a business?

As a new website, the biggest challenge for us now is marketing and how to get more traffic. There is a long way to go. Looking back, buying the domain name floralsupplies.com was one of the best decisions we ever made.

6. Is there any additional information about your story you would like to add?

We hope that FloralSupplies.com can be successful and maybe I can buy domain name Floral.com one day. 

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Saw.com would once again like to congratulate FloralSupplies on the purchase of FloralSupplies.com!

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