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Nohbo is ridding the world of unnecessary plastics one drop at a time. Their philosophy is creating a line of environmentally friendly personal care products. The drop is single use, water soluble that contains either shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream. The mission? To minimize plastic consumption to move towards a sustainable culture. 

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What Nohbo is Saying About

We spoke with Nohbo CEO, Benjamin Stern, about his experience with while acquiring the domain. Here is what he said:

1. Tell us about Nohbo.

The name of my company is Nohbo. We create single-use water-soluble solutions. The mission is to minimize plastic waste often found in personal care products by creating a sustainable single-use product packaged in water-soluble film

2. What made you decide to invest the money to upgrade your domain name?

It was important for our fundraising efforts and business credibility to have a shorter domain name that also matched our company name.

3. What sparked your interest in this domain name? What was the process you took to pick this domain name for your company?

We wanted to drop the longer domain name we had and match our company name. I contacted and Brooke Hernandez helped me get in contact with the owner of 

4. Were you happy with the service you received from

Yes. The services at were phenomenal. It was easy and seamless. 

Benjamin Stern, Nohbo CEO

5. Biggest challenge you have faced as a business?

The biggest challenge we have faced as a business has been developing and commercializing the product in order to get our items on the market.

6. Is there any additional information about your story you would like to add?

120 billion units of personal care packages are produced and thrown away every year.

With our product, for every 1 million used, we save 15,590 pounds of water, 22,050 pounds of plastic and 220 pounds of preservatives.

Nohbo is an impact-oriented company.

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