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Jeffrey Gabriel’s extensive experience has made him one of the most respected, and sought after, in the domain industry. He has a passion for helping clients buy a domain, sell a domain, brand a business and more. Today, he joins his colleagues for his own “Meet The Team” series interview.

Jeffrey Gabriel shares his personal motto and reflects on the successful second year of Continue reading to learn more about Co-Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Gabriel!

Who is Jeffrey Gabriel?

Jeffrey M. Gabriel is an expert in both domain brokerage and building sales teams. Previously, Gabriel was the Vice President of Sales at Uniregistry (recently purchased by Godaddy), one of the industry-leading domain marketplaces, domain registrar, and monetization platform on the net.

Formerly, Gabriel was the President and Co-Founder of (purchased by BrandIt). He was also a Domain Broker at Sedo. Gabriel has contributed to over 350 million dollars in completed transactions while in the industry. His most notable sales include The Guinness World Record-breaking sale of for $13,000,000 USD and the highest .Org sale ever, for $1,000,000 USD.

1. Name three words that describe you.

Three words to describe myself would be; Loyal, Driven and Resourceful. 

I am loyal to my friends, family and those that work with me. Maybe at times too much. 

I am driven in my personal life, and my professional life. 

Being an entrepreneur you have to be resourceful. There is always a way. If you fail it is like bumping into a wall, turn the other way and keep going. 

2. What are you happiest doing? (When you are not working).

Of course I love being with my family and friends, but I also really enjoy playing golf on a sunny afternoon in a competitive match with music playing with a few frosty beverages! I also love watching football on Sunday afternoons. 

3. Do you have any skills or talents people do not know about?

My dad jokes are second to none.

4. What would your personal motto be?

My personal motto would be: Hard work always pays off.

5. Why did you start Why is so special?

Ever since entering the workforce, I have always wanted to start my own business. This dates back almost 20 years ago when I designed a lead generation site for mortgage leads (which never launched). When I had the opportunity to start working in the domain industry, I could speak to so many different business people from so many cultures, creeds, and industries. I always love hearing about an entrepreneur just getting funding and launching X product. On my next call, I hear someone saying they need a name for another different project. I always sat on the other end of the phone, thinking, when will that be me? 

I was about to go out on my own but was given an opportunity of a lifetime to join Uniregistry. I got to build a sales team in which we grew from 4 to 50 and accomplished many goals and, like I always say, had a lot of fun doing. That time in my life was like lightning in a bottle, but turning 40, my wife and I agreed it was time to go out there and chase my dream. We did. It was scary. We moved 5 times in two years! It was tumultuous, but it has been rewarding. 

Looking back at the last two years, there have been many sleepless nights and a lot of mistakes. Still, we as a team accomplished so much, from domain sales, building technology, launching products, and consistently expanding the business. With the team we have, and the opportunities our great customers have provided us, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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