Brooke Hernandez, also known as “Broker Brooke” has been with since the start of the company. She stumbled upon the world of domain names ten years ago, and is now one of the most well-respected domain brokers in the industry.

This week, Brooke Hernandez sat down to discuss her hobbies outside of work, her secret talent and passion for working with companies to help them meet their goals.

Read on to get to know more about our team member, Brooke Hernandez!

1. Name 3 words that best describe you.  

I would describe myself as Attentive, Tenacious and Adventurous. 

2. What are you happiest doing when you are not working? 

I love being outdoors. Anything that involves getting outside and being active is for me! My perfect day is spent at the ocean, playing around on the beach with my family.

3. Do you have skills or talents people do not know about?

I have the gift for gab. In school I was always the one selected to show new students around. I had the ability to make the new students feel welcome and safe. This carried into my adult life, I can talk with anyone and make them comfortable.

I understand people process conversations differently and have their own preferred language of communication. I am good at reading people and figuring out how to make them the most comfortable. Usually this leads me to great, in depth conversations. These social skills have become my own secret talent. Truly, I just love being around different people! I love seeing people open up more and learning about people’s backgrounds and passions. 

4. What would your personal motto be? 

Lets go for it! This is my motto.

You only live once, so there is no reason to not try. It is truly that simple.

Brooke Hernandez

5. How did you get into the domain industry? Why did you join the team?

I have been in the domain industry for ten years now. I had no idea this industry even existed. But, this industry is just so fascinating. It is not just buying and selling, there are so many different levels to it.

It has become my passion to work with companies that do not have a clear understanding of how the domain industry works and help them through the process of acquiring the domain for their brand. Seeing new ideas and being able to assist in initial branding and rebranding has become a real priority for me.

Additionally, I love working with companies that are making a difference in the world. To be able to give guidance to these companies on how to acquire a domain name and improve their brand is so rewarding. I love being a part of companies growing and becoming more successful. 

I thought this would be an excellent step in the right direction for my career. With the leadership of Amanda and Jeff, our team has become so strong.


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