Watch co-founder Amanda Waltz discuss alternative domains. In the video, she talks about ways that clients can use alternative domain names when the domain they have targeted is simply out of reach for the client, either due to budget restrictions or the owner being unwilling to sell. works to understand the client’s needs to get the best possible alternative domain to meet those needs.

Hi, I’m Amanda Waltz, co-founder of, your home for domain acquisitionssales, and appraisals.

There have been times when a client will come to us and want a very specific domain name, or they have a very specific domain name in mind, and it’s being used by an organization or a company already. In certain cases, we can tell from looking at that particular domain, especially by looking at the MX records, which are all of the email records, that that domain has been in use for a number of years. In these cases, it’s very highly likely that that company is using it for a very specific product or service. It’s incredibly unlikely that there is any amount of money that is going to make that customer make that company move off of that particular domain.

That’s when our team is very skilled in being able to source substitutes for that particular domain. The way that we would do that is by listening to our buyer clients. For folks that are looking for acquisitions, we want to find out what made them come to want this domain in the first place. What is it about that particular domain name that was important to them? And then, oftentimes, as a team we can work together to say, “okay these are the things that they were looking for.” We can’t necessarily get them that brand that they’re looking for within their budget, so let’s figure out other domains that we can possibly source to them.

Our team not only has the knowledge, but we have very deep relationships in the domain investment community, and also with companies’ brand managers or technical administration managers be able to say to each other, “we know of these particular domains that could potentially work for that customer.” Then we match those back to them as alternatives for the one domain that they originally came for. The one they thought they either had the budget for, and didn’t, or there’s just no amount of money that is going to make a company off of their main domain. The answer sometimes, unfortunately, is just “no.” But our team has the knowledge and the specialty to be able to source great alternatives.

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