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At, our Domain Brokers will help you buy a domain name that says it all for you. We streamline your search to lock in the right domain name for your start-up, established company, or personal brand. Find a top-level domain (TLD), or keyword(s) domain to grow visibility and expand your impact.

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Start now and secure the right domain for your project, launch, or deadline. The Domain Buy Service has exclusive access to an extensive seller network that makes your search efficient, effortless, and stress-free. We take the often tedious work of buying a website domain off your plate. Allow us to work on your behalf so you can focus on growing your business.

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In our complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your budget, timeline, and goals to help match you with the best viable options. We'll cover:

  • How much particular domains are worth and why;

  • How we will help you secure the asset for the best possible price; and

  • How the purchasing process works.

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Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Drive the conversation and tell us:

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  • What it’s worth to you.

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We understand how important it is to you and your company to get the domain you want. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help get it done for you.

For more information on the acquisition process, download our whitepaper which touches on:

  • #1: expertise: Our team has a track record of success. Our passion for helping our clients acquire the best domains is second to none, with results speaking for themselves.

  • #2: Setting expectations: We use our industry experience and knowledge to appraise the domain(s) and examine the domain history to set the right expectations in regards to costs, budget, and timeline.

  • #3: Potential pitfalls: We take every opportunity to educate our clients on the potential pitfalls that can trap you during the acquisition process. #4: Everything else: We handle all aspects of the transaction process from negotiations and contracts to domain transfers and registrations.

The entire process is 100% confidential. It all starts with a signed transparent agreement to give you peace of mind.

A message from Jeffrey Gabriel, Co-Founder


Buying a domain to represent your company, product, or service is as challenging and important to your business as naming your first child. The domain purchase process can quickly become overwhelming with so many options, opinions, and ideas out there. Let’s face it – a new venture or an established business requires the same nurturing and attention to that of your firstborn child. We want to make sure you find and acquire the perfect domain at the best possible price

Your business is your baby, right? Should we name our firstborn Timothy or John (a one-word dot com)? Or should we call it a two-word traditional name after her late great aunt, like Mary Kate (two-word dot com)? How will the name sound in social settings? Is it easy to spell and remember? Will people who do not speak English as their first language be able to pronounce it?

What about a trendy, non-traditional (gTLDs or ccTLD) name like Ensley (.ai), Oaklynn (.io), or Haisley (.co)? Or would it fall out of favor like Micah (.mobi), Weston (.pro), and Theodore (.info)?

Each possible naming choice has its benefits and drawbacks. Now you may be thinking, “What web domain should I buy? I don’t even know where to begin. Is the website domain I picked out the right one? How much will it cost? What should I be spending on a domain anyway?”

If any of these thoughts are running through your head, we suggest you take us up on a complimentary consultation to get all of your domain questions answered. However you decide to proceed, check out our step-by-step process to acquiring the dream domain for your baby

Domain Acquisition Process

If your dream domain is already registered (and let’s be honest, if it’s your dream domain, chances are it’s already registered), you have one of two options – you can try to purchase the property from the current registrant or choose an alternate domain. If your heart is set on your first choice, then the steps listed below are a summary of how we will make it yours.

The following steps come after our complimentary consultation where we give you an idea of the fair market value of the domain and walk you through the acquisition process.

Step 1 - Come up with a Budget

Before we contact the owner and get into a negotiation, we want you to have a budget in mind. During our free consultation, we can go over the basics of domain appraisals and the different levels of quality you can get based on your budget.

Like purchasing any big-ticket item, you first need to come up with a number for the absolute highest offer you’d be willing to give. To help establish a budget, have a look at . It is a free automated domain appraisal tool which is great for quick estimations. A word of caution, though – appraisals from Estibot are typically on the low end from between 50-75%. This is because of Estibot factors in many sales that are from wholesale auctions, not retail pricing.

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Step 2 - Visit the Domain to See How it's Being Used

Once we have a targeted domain, we like to visit the web domain name. If there is a functioning business on the web domain and their brand relies on it, the valuation will increase significantly. This is because we will need to factor in not only the fair market value of the domain, but also the time, energy, money, and resources the company will have to use to switch to something new.

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Step 3 - Find the Owner of the Domain

The first step is to perform a WHOIS search, which provides some information about the domain, including:

  • Registration Date
  • Who registered the domain name
  • When the domain name expires
  • Its registrar

Just keep in mind that the WHOIS is not what it used to be. Many registrars offer free or low-cost services to block the WHOIS information for their clients. In other circumstances, privacy laws have required registrars to prevent such information from being shared publicly.

If this is the case, we will need to do some deeper digging!

Step 4 - Contact the Owner

Depending on what is found in the WHOIS, we will determine the best method to find and contact the owner. Some owners do not want to be found, and it takes an exceptional level of effort to find them and get their attention. This could be in the form of a firm cash offer, a handwritten letter, or even a road trip to their home or office!

Step 5 - Negotiate

When contact is made and the response is received, it is time to negotiate. This involves not just the purchase price, but all other terms of the sale. For example, how will the buyer make payment? Who pays the fees to use a neutral third party? How long will the transfer from the seller to the buyer take? There are many terms beyond purchase price that go into a transaction like this. We don’t want to miss any of them!

Step 6 - Purchase

Multiple companies specialize in providing escrow services for domain purchase transactions.

Using a licensed and insured escrow company is one of the best insurance policies one could purchase.

If you’ve made it this far, you are ready to begin your domain acquisition journey. Let one of our Domain Brokers help you. Please give us a call.