Domain Hacks with Jeff Gabriel

Watch CEO Jeff Gabriel explain domain hacks. He provides some of the most well-known domain hack examples.

Hi, my name is Jeff Gabriel. I’m the CEO and co-founder of In a very quick and efficient way, I’m going to tell you what a domain hack is.

A domain hack is a very simple thing. It’s when you combine the keyword of a domain name and use it along with the extension to form a word.

Everybody’s familiar with your typical domain names like or Well, what about using some branding to where instead of a .com, which sometimes can sound bland and boring, it’s actually a word? And I’ll bet you that after you hear this video, you’ll see that you’ve been using these all the time.

Have you ever heard of a company called Bitly? Well, for their domain name, they use BIT dot LY. The extension LY is for Libya – that is their country-code extension. How about the Cayman Islands? They use dot KY and someone could actually register the domain name FUN dot KY which would spell funky. What about dot ME? You can use two words together to form some sort of an action or a call to action. How about KISS dot ME? Kiss me! And another one of the domain hacks that’s out there is pickles – PICKL dot ES. ES is Spain. And then finally, another one that I just kind of threw together for this quick little video is CHEER dot IO for cheerio!

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