If you are a member of the TMCH or were part of Sunrise B almost ten years ago, your organization might have been included in one of the tens of thousands of blocks that were issued to remove the opportunity to register your company’s .XXX domain name.

In December of 2021, that block will expire.Now is the time to renew it. If your company has never participated in blocking your brand’s .XXX domain name or let’s be honest that was ten years ago and you do not remember we would be happy to tell you if:#1: Are already blocking.#2: If your organization qualifies.
Over the ten years, this product has evolved to not just include .XXX, but .Porn, .Adult, and .Sex along with an unlimited number of variants for your labels.Want to learn more? Watch our video about AdultBlock:Do not forget to ask about our Adult Block Plus 10yr Special for $4,999.00Sales@Saw.comCall/Text +1(781) 281-9475


Imagine for a moment that your brand name gets registered as a dotXXX domain name to be used as a pornographic website. Then, imagine your brand likeness being used for images and videos on that website, forever tarnishing your reputation.

This scenario could be a very real possibility after December of 2021. That is when your trademark’s Sunrise B block of dotXXX registrations expires.

The good news is that there is a new blocking service called Adultblock that will replace the original dotXXX blocks. Built using state of the art technology, it is the next generation blocking service. It will enable brand owners to block the registrations of their names and brands across all 4 adult-themed top-level domains: .xxx, .sex, .porn, and .adult.

There are 2 versions of Adultblock – Adultblock and Adultblock+. Both products block labels across each adult-themed TLD in addition to blocking premium names and existing registered names as they become available. The standard option blocks one label for each trademark. Adultblock+ goes a step further, allowing you to block an unlimited number of labels from a single trademark term, making it the most cost-effective option available. And in addition to unlimited blocking from a single term, Adultblock+ also enables brand owners to block unlimited look-alike domain names that can be created using 137,994 different characters from 150 different scripts. That’s a lot of fraud prevention! After all, you need to be sure you’re comparing apples with apples!

So who is eligible to purchase Adultblock and Adultblock+? Simple – any participant in the original .xxx Sunrise B program. Or anyone with a trademark validated by the trademark clearinghouse. If you’re not sure if you’re a participant in the original .xxx Sunrise B program, or if you don’t have a valid trademark clearing house filing, reach out to a Saw.com professional. We’ll check your Sunrise B status or work through the trademark clearinghouse registration and renewal process. Saw.com has a special promotion to ensure you get the right Adultblock product for your business needs. Through Saw.com, both AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ are available at reduced pricing, giving you peace-of-mind that your trademarks are protected.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t allow your blocks to expire and open the door for a third party to purchase them. Get security for your brand, and get AdultBlock protection today.