He has successfully defended clients in landmark cases such as Toronto.com (2000) and Sweetsuccess.com (2001). He has represented clients from various countries, including China, England, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Belgium, South Africa, Korea, and Canada.

Zak’s notable achievements include defending Shoes.Biz in the first “.biz” Reverse Domain Name Hijacking case (2002) and Cheaptickets.ca in a CIRA CDRP Complaint (2003). He has also handled international domain name disputes, including the defense of 長江.com (LongRiver.com) against a complaint by Hong Kong billionaire Le Ka Shing. Zak has successfully defended against Google’s claims in the Groovle.com case and resisted two additional UDRP attempts by Google.

To become a member of the ICA, you can follow this link: https://www.internetcommerce.org/join/.

Saw.com is already a proud member of the organization.

Contact Zak: https://www.muscovitch.com/

0:00 Introduction

2:30 Late 90s – Internet Law did not exist!

3:30 Making the leap into a brand-new field going against huge companies.

9:00 The easy money is not always the way.

14:00 Using your resources to learn as much as you can to be successful.

18:00 Great lawyers immerse themselves in the subject matter.

23:00 More disputes when business is good or when it is bad?

25:00 Early days of the internet

35:00 How is ICANN funded? Versign was paying $250,000 now $55,000,000?

39:00 .NET Contract is guaranteed?

42:00 9 times 13,000,000 = ?

43:00 .ORG, ICANN and the California Attorney General

49:00 This is the way?

50:00 GTLDs

56:00 Random Legal Questions