Michael is a seasoned entrepreneur and writer, holding degrees in Computer Science and Electronics. He has made significant contributions to the tech industry, including being one of the pioneers in Ecommerce and creating one of the world’s first CRMs. Additionally, Michael served as the Vice Chairman of the Australian Internet Industry Association, where he played a crucial role in shaping policies related to privacy standards, cyber-crime, copyright, and online advertising standards.

Over the past two decades, Michael has been actively involved in investing in domain names as valuable assets. He co-founded ParkLogic, a domain monetization company, further establishing his expertise in this field.


00:00 Using parking data to understand Google share price or upcoming pandemics
10:30: Why hasn’t the parking page evolved?
13:00: Direct Advertisers Pay between 12-20X Google.
16:00: Google
20:00: Same feed, slightly different landers, same rev share? What gives?
25:00 Why shouldn’t a presidential candidate buy all US low RPM traffic when running for office?
30:00 Location, Location, Location – Time, Time, Time
40:00 Increasing sales volume
43:00 Domain Broker Difference
49:00 New Gs – Mike Wins – I lost on .Condos!
57:00 We love Domains!