Yoni embarked on his journey in the domain business in late 2005, and since then, he has built an impressive portfolio of nearly 100,000 domains. Throughout his career, he has achieved remarkable success, not only in the domain industry but also in crypto, NFTs, and real estate. Yoni’s journey began in affiliates, then expanded to traffic domains, and eventually led him to focus on premium generics. Along the way, he has come to understand that change and failure are inevitable aspects of being an entrepreneur, and he has embraced these constants as opportunities for growth.



4:35 Modest Beginnings – Affiliates

8:00 Knocking it out of the park with 10s of dollars a month to zero.

10:00 Growing to six figures a month in revenue to watch it decline 75% then 98%.

20:00 Coco Islands – CC Domains – Verisign Flip 

30:00 Kevin and Chinese markets – – Marchex!

40:00 What would you do today?

44:00 http://SelfieStick.com

1:05 Cutting Bait – Focusing on what you are good at. 

1:12 Optimizing his portfolio – Words of Wisdom – Liquidity 

1:25 Bot Bidding Big Wins – Big Mistakes 

1:35 Peekaboo! – The Snapchat Story – Many more opportunities