Jeff Gabriel again shares his domain expertise in an article featured on In the article, Jeff explains the most effective strategy when the domain you want to purchase is already taken. The article touches on crucial steps in the process, including:

  • Finding the owner of the domain. The easiest way to do this, Jeff explains, is to perform a WHOIS search.
  • Making an offer on the domain. This step begins with determining the true value of the domain, which involves analyzing the domain according to a handful of appraisal metrics. Another aspect of this step is negotiation. Domain brokers are quite helpful in negotiating prices with sellers.
  • Considering alternative domains. If it’s simply not feasible to purchase the domain of your dreams, you may need to consider alternate names that still meet your business needs.

Jeff closes the article by explaining the benefits of hiring a domain broker and how they can assist in the three steps above. As Jeff writes, “Some business owners choose to hire a domain broker to help them navigate the challenges of obtaining a new domain name for their companies. If you’re thinking of doing this, remember to have a phone call with the broker to go over their experience and the acquisition process. Conduct some research on them. Make sure you understand how they charge and make sure you know whose best interests they represent in the transaction: the buyer’s, seller’s or their own.”

To learn more about how can assist in the domain acquisition process, contact a professional today.