Saw.com Partners with Efty.com

Saw.com is announcing a new partnership with Efty.com. A global leader in domain brokerage services teams with the world’s largest commission-free domain name marketplace. There is no better match. This partnership is a crucial addition to the domain namespace. It combines the expertise of two strong leaders in the domain industry to create an elevated experience for all clients. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a surge of people to shift their business operations to the online world. This shift demanded businesses to find a way to reach their customer’s in the easiest, fastest way possible. With that, came a substantial increase in the need for premium domain names. Collectively, Saw.com and Efty.com understand the importance of domain names during this shift to the digital world. Furthermore, both companies are dedicated to helping clients meet their business goals.

About Saw.com

The mission has always been to help every client be seen. Saw.com was founded to use the knowledge of the domain industry to help clients build their business. With a domain broker like Saw.com, anyone can buy a domain, sell a domain name or protect a domain name. Saw.com believes in the impact of what a premium domain name can do for a company. A short, one word domain name can lay the foundation for any company to grow their business. Additionally, it has the power to attract new customers, create a strong brand, become a trusted name, and so much more. The expert domain brokers at Saw.com understand this asset’s role in today’s world. Furthermore, the Saw.com brokers use their expertise to help their clients strengthen their online brand. The mission is to build a relationship with clients and keep the process transparent when they buy or sell a domain name. Through domain brokerage, appraisal, portfolio management services and more, Saw.com creates a personalized experience for both buyers and sellers.

“Excited. That is the only word that comes to mind when thinking about this partnership. Only great things can happen when we combine the industry-leading technology we have in Efty with our growing team of well-trained, experienced Domain Brokers at Saw.com.”

– Co- Founder of Saw.com, Jeffrey Gabriel

About Efty.com

Efty launched their company in 2013, becoming the first domain name portfolio management SaaS. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Efty is growing into the ultimate tool for domain investors to use. It allows investors to manage, market and monetize portfolios. The goal was to create a commission-free way to increase sales and make it easier to organize and manage domain portfolios. Efty.com has done just that. With Efty, clients can take advantage of different investor tools to make managing their domain portfolios easy.  Investor tools include a for-sale landing page to post domain names and the ability to integrate industry-leading solutions. Additionally, Efty allows clients to list their domain names free of charge and create a custom domain shop. Lastly, Efty provides a performance dashboard to monitor the portfolio statistics, integrations and sales. This technology truly stands out among competitors in the domain industry.

“Experienced domain brokers can increase your ROI and Efty’s partnership with Saw.com provides our sellers with easy access to an industry-leading brokerage team at the click of a button.

Jeffrey’s experience in building one of the largest and most successful brokerage teams at Uniregistry gives us the confidence that Saw.com is well-positioned to handle a high volume of leads and convert them into successful transactions for our sellers”

– CEO and Co-Founder of Efty.com, Doron Vermaat

To Our Clients

Are you a new domain name owner looking for a place to start? Are you an experienced domain name owner? Nevertheless, the teams at Saw.com and Efty.com hope you take advantage of this new partnership. This team of experienced professionals in the domain industry offers a new way to buy and sell domain names. The combination of industry-leading technology with experienced domain brokers is unmatched. This partnership believes in the power of domain names and is devoted to helping clients every step of the process. Let us help you be seen. Contact jeff@saw.com to find out more.