customer think (CT), which I think is a wonderful resource for all things business, wrote an article about choosing a winning domain name. In that very article, it featured us, CT did not just touch on a few ideas but gave much great advice and explained each part.

It kicks off with the apparent explaining what a domain is and why it is crucial to a business (here are the top 4 IMOP):

#1: Makes an excellent first impression.
#2: Increases brand awareness and recognition by having a matching domain to your company name.
#3: Makes a business memorable…Let us repeat this one!
#4: Makes a business memorable!

Then they suggest that you should do your best to secure the.COM. I agree with this, but not as much as I did before. .COM is still king, and it will be king for a very long time. Not every business needs to have their URLs included in national advertising campaigns and featured on the radio. You are still paddling against the tide if you are buying a web domain name that is anything but a .COM. Let’s face it; we are creatures of habit, which everyone is used to. Try for the .COM first. Try and get the best possible one.

Many sellers these days offer payment plans. A great name at affordable terms is possible, but if that is out of reach .NET, and or a strong descriptive GTLD, could be used.

CT then touches on Domain Brand Protection, where they suggest registering many of the other extensions that surround the domain you purchase. I also suggest if you purchase a domain that could have common spelling errors register those as well. Then forward them to your business. Catch all those confused would-be shoppers and make sure they are going to the right place!
From there, they really drive it home by reinforcing the absolute most essential rules when deciding on your business domain name:

Keep it short, memorable, easy to spell…Do it right the first time. Buy a domain name/business name you can be proud of when you hand someone that business card or tell them whom you work for.

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