Ammar Kubba is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record of launching and investing in numerous companies and domains. These include well-known brands such as TrafficZ, DomainTools,,, and LyfeFuel. Ammar has faced significant challenges throughout his journey, including overcoming debt and navigating the ever-changing business landscape. Not only has Ammar achieved financial success, but he has also found fulfillment in his personal life through the practice of stoicism and his passion for pickleball. His story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and serves as a testament to the rewards of dedication, resilience, and a balanced approach to life.

0:00 Introduction/College Years
8:00 Law school/Student Loans
10:00 Chris
14:00 Choosing Internet/Domains over nutrition
19:00 Choices
22:00 Traffic Z, Google and the tour that turned into the feed
30:00 The Marchex Offer / Exponential Growth of Traffic Z
40:00 DomainTools Purchase / Conference Business /
49:00 Crossroads?
57:00 Using premium domains vs. not so premium does it really help?
1:04:00 Top 3 have to haves when investing in a startup
1:07:00 How to deal with stressful situations and life’s challenges
1:20:00 The Bootlegger