Digital transformation
Pivoting from a primarily offline marketplace to 100% e-commerce requires fundamentally shifting the way you do business. This statement has been repeated countless times since March, when many brick and mortar businesses were stopped in their tracks by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many organizations have had to become nimble. Forced to morph their business model(s) and mobilize their teams practically overnight to stay connected to their customers. This dilemma has been the challenge of the day for new companies and established companies alike. This problem is especially troublesome for companies that already lacked digital infrastructure before Covid-19. Companies that fail to make the digital transformation will continue to struggle to reach their customers and new audiences, who may be searching for their goods and services online. This problem has been exacerbated by Covid-19. However, the fundamental shift in the way we do business has been gradually occurring over the past two decades. This article will lay out ways you can better position your business for now and the future.

Making the Transition

Savvier organizations have shuddered their brick and mortar operations entirely and have moved their business completely online. These digital transformations are happening across many industries including retail, education, manufacturing, and hospitality services. A great example of this change is in the restaurant industry. The most adaptable restaurants have launched or bolstered online ordering systems due to social distancing guidelines, a trend that was already occurring before Covid-19. Delivery-only restaurants, called ghost kitchens have been popping up in cities across the country. It certainly makes sense from a business standpoint. Less overhead on rent, employees, raw materials, etc. but new-found access to customers in their homes via food delivery apps. In order to compete in this increasingly digital landscape, companies must create new levels of trust and security when making the digital transition. One of the easiest ways companies can do this is by starting with the strong foundation of an exact match website domain. Exact match domains lay the perfect foundation for any business looking to transition to the digital world and set itself up for success. Think about it this way – if customers know a business as “Blue Plate Dinner,” the easiest way they’d find that business would be to Google “Blue Plate Dinner.” In this case, if the domain were, they’d have the best prospects for connecting with potential customers.

The Exact Match Domain Is Your Friend

The exact match domain is the best and easiest way to maintain search traffic volume when customers try to find a business online. Having a clear and concise way to communicate your business online is crucial. It allows you to engage with current customers and reach more prospective customers during this crisis. Using a sub-par domain will often times create confusion and break trust when customers are trying to find and communicate with their preferred business. Especially in the case of to-go, or delivery-only restaurants, having a tangible, substantial way to reach your customers. A website is like a virtual address – it is where your business resides. And if your restaurant literally doesn’t have an address, your virtual address becomes so much more important. Virtual or not, eat-in or delivery, customers will still want to know who you are as a restaurant. They’ll still need a way to contact you – without a website, how will you reach your customers? You might say that social media is sufficient, but we’d strongly disagree for multiple reasons. Social media simply isn’t an adequate replacement for an effective website. Having the right domain will also help companies maintain their connections for email responses. We’ve seen far too many companies lose sensitive information from confusion over their web domain. This can result in unnecessary legal and financial headaches. Additionally, if organizations take the time to secure their first-choice web domain they can diminish security concerns and avoid missed emails. Both of which could result in loss of revenue.

Find the Right Domain Today

Be prepared for the quickly evolving world of e-commerce by securing a domain for your business. Where can business leaders turn for support and guidance? Every day, we hear from organizations who do not know where to begin when their first-choice domain name seems to be unavailable. There are companies (ours is one) who specialize in domain buy service confidentially on behalf of their clients. This service can be a valuable resource to companies. Especially amid this crisis, for those who are trying to transform their businesses into the digital world. The most trustworthy domain brokers help educate their clients on how to utilize their domain buy service most efficiently. By assisting them, domain brokers can get their clients up and running as quickly as possible. Using the help of a domain broker service is a great way to allow an industry expert to do the heavy lifting for you when you need it the most.