Benefits of branding

What is Branding?

There are many ideas that come to mind when we think of the word “brand.” Big names like Nike, Apple, Google, McDonald’s, etc might come to mind. We picture the company’s logo, typeface, or colors. However, branding is much more than just a memorable logo or catchphrase.

Branding is the summation of people’s perception of who you are as a company. This may start with your logo, but it also includes your website, user experience, customer service, social responsibility, community service, advertising, etc. The list goes on and on. It is imperative that each aspect of your business speaks a consistent message to your customers. If you can achieve this, you’ll have a strong brand presence.

A powerful brand will increase your reach to potential customers, improve credibility, and ultimately increase your company’s value.

Benefits That Make Branding a No-Brainer

Improves recognition 

As a business, you want your potential customers to recognize you wherever they are. Think of your brand as your company’s face. You want it to be memorable, but you also want it to convey how you want to be seen. Your brand should portray who you are as a business.

This recognition is seen through your logo, but also the look and feel of your website, your use of colors, your typeface, your tone in marketing, and your domain name.

The most often overlooked aspect of branding is your choice of a domain name. These days, domains are tantamount to brand names. If your domain name does not match your brand name, your customers will not be able to find, remember or recognize you online. You want your domain name to reflect and reinforce the brand of your brick-and-mortar business.

Builds Credibility

A professional brand exudes trust and credibility. When people notice that a business’s logo is clean and sharp, they are more likely to trust that business. This principle also pertains to domain names. Short, memorable, dot-com domains are seen as more trustworthy than more economical alternative domains. For instance, you’d be much more trusting of than

You want to make sure your brand is consistent and coherent wherever consumers will find it.

Generates new customers

A good brand doesn’t need to spend as much on advertising for obvious reasons. People remember the name, and they spread the name around by word-of-mouth. Good brand names are short, memorable, easy to spell and say. This rings true for premium domain names as well. This ability to generate new customers can turn you from start-up to industry leader in a matter of years rather than decades.

When considering a domain name for your brand, make sure it passes the “radio test.” “Radio test” is if you heard the name on the radio or tv, you’d be able to recall it the next day and be able to spell it when typing it in online.

This means:

  • Keep it short (shoot for one word)
  • Make it memorable
  • Ensure it is easy to spell
  • Aim for dot-com

Establishes your identity

An effective brand screams out to the masses who you are and what you stand for. A domain is the start of the journey to your company. In today’s world, many customers’ first interactions with your business occur on your website. Possibly, even before they get to your website when they click on your domain name via Google search.

With this in mind, consider what your domain communicates to potential customers. Does it tell customers what you sell? Does it tell customers what kind of business you are? Are you regional/national/international? Essentially, nothing compresses your companies information better than a strong brand and domain.

Branding is a No-Brainer 

We’ve reached an age where your domain name should be synonymous with your brand name. It isn’t merely an addition to your brand but the welcoming gate to your company. The start of a customer’s journey to your company is your domain name. It quite literally is your brand. Whenever you’re getting advice about branding, your domain name should always be at the top of your list for discussions. Consider all marketing materials your domain will be presented on and make sure it fully embodies your company’s brand. 

Suppose you’re starting an e-commerce site, and you’re dead-set on the name “Glam Wear.” All the branding work is completed upfront. You design a logo, choose a color palette, print marketing materials, etc. However, when you search for it yields bad news. The domain is already registered and used by another company, and you don’t have the budget to make an offer. So you now have the choice of starting from scratch or buying a less-than-ideal alternative that will weaken your brand identity.

Our Advice to You 

Our advice is this – always begin the process with the domain name! Trust us; you’ll start with a great domain name that will translate into a great brand name and future growth for the company. This will aid in avoiding wasted time, money, and effort.

The more creative, modern, professional your domain name, the more creative, modern, and professional your brand will be, and the more potential customers will remember you and come back to you for repeat business! A domain name preserves the integrity of your brand.

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