Co-Founder of Saw.com, Jeffrey Gabriel, is featured on Forbes, and this time, he goes over the first ten domains ever registered and what we can learn from them. Jeffrey discusses their values and covers what makes them valuable. It is easy to look back as hindsight is 20/20, but it is interesting to see what names were registered first.

A special thanks to DomainIQ.com and Estibot for supplying the data for this article.

Here it is:

First Ten Domains Ever Registered:

March 15, 1985: Symbolics.com

April 14, 1985: BBN.com

May 24, 1985: Think.com

July 11, 1985: MCC.com

September 30, 1985: DEC.com

November 7, 1985: Northrop.com

January 9, 1986: Xerox.com

January 17, 1986: SRI.com

March 3, 1986: HP.com

March 5, 1986: BellCore.com

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