attract investors
A representative from Forbes asked me how what I would do to attract investors to Funny enough I have never raised money before, and for the record, was funded by some well known VCs as my MasterCard and Visa. The day may come that we do raise some money, but at the moment we seem well funded and are growing at a strong organic pace.
If or when I do hit the road and attempt to drum up investor money my suggestion would be to make a very short, to-the-point teaser deck. It would have a very easy to read and understand mission statement, explanation of the product, review of the industry, and basic plans/projections. I would then take it and send it off to a designer to really make it pop.
Our mission statement would be:  To help entities that understand the role of digital assets in the 21st century every step of the way, from company naming and brand protection to domain selling.

Here is the article along with fourteen other business people who give their ideas as well: