Everything You Need To Know About Domain Brokers

Running a business is anything but easy. With it comes branding, or rebranding, website building and designing, etc – all on top of normal business operations. 

Choosing a domain broker to help you buy a domain is another huge decision. However, with this decision could come a large reward. A domain name can truly be the difference between a suffering and successful business. A strong, premium domain name can increase business credibility, SEO, trust, credibility, branding, mobility and so much more. 

Working with a domain broker to find the right domain for your business could make all the difference! Wondering what a domain broker does? Or how they could help you and your business? Here is everything you need to know about domain brokers!

What is a Domain Broker?

Domain brokers are essentially real estate agents, but on the Internet. Instead of selling a house at a physical address –  they are selling domain names, a virtual address. Domain brokers help clients acquire a domain name or sell a domain name. 

There are two types of brokers; buyer brokers and seller brokers. A buyer broker represents you when you want to acquire a domain. A seller broker represents you when you want to sell a domain. However, many brokers can assist you with both buying and selling domains.

Domain brokers work for you, the client. Their entire job is to help you reach your goals, by acquiring or selling a domain for you. They will listen to your wants and needs, and assist in finding the perfect domain, or selling a domain, for your business for the price you want. Additionally, they will be transparent through the process. 

Benefits of Hiring a Domain Broker

Today in 2022, there are over 367 million domain names registered in the world. The world wide web is wide! There are so many domain options. Not to mention the countless different types of domains – TLD’s, gTLD’s, ccTLD’s, etc. With so many domain names, it can feel nearly impossible to find one. Furthermore, one that fits your business and at the price you want.

This is where a domain broker comes in.

1. They Are The Experts

When it comes to domain names, no one knows the industry better than domain brokers. 

They have a strong network and lots of experience in the industry. Therefore, they can give you lots of advice – including domain pricing, backup domain options, domains for SEO, etc.

2. They Have a Network

Domain brokers have many contacts in the industry and beyond. This includes other domain brokers, registration companies and companies they have previously worked with. 

An experienced domain broker has a large network. They might know who owns the domain you want and how to reach them, what different domains are priced at or what domains might be taken or available. 

3. Can Help with Branding

In addition to helping you buy or sell a domain, brokers can assist you in the entire branding process. They can make domain suggestions based on your goals, help protect your domain with AdultBlock or defensive registration, help with portfolio management and much more. 

4. Protect Your Privacy

Using a domain broker allows your identity to be anonymous. Your domain broker represents you throughout the process, and talks to the seller without ever revealing your identity.

Why would you want your identity hidden?

Say you are the head of a large successful company. A seller could raise the price if they find out who you are. Or, your inquiry on a domain could reveal any future business plans you have. 

5. Broker’s Handle All the Work

Possibly the best benefit of using a domain broker? They will handle all the nitty gritty work that comes with acquiring a domain. If the domain you want is already registered by someone, a broker will reach out to them for you and handle all negotiations. 

Domain brokers provide a buffer between the buyer and the seller. This can mediate any tension or disagreements on pricing. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your domain broker is getting you a fair price for the domain. 

When Should You Contact a Domain Broker?

Let’s say that you have made the decision to invest in a domain name for your business. Additionally, you have a couple domain ideas in mind. However, when you search it you see it has been taken. You could return to the drawing board and try to come up with another domain option, or you could contact a domain broker! 

Another reason for using a domain broker is if you want the deal to be confidential. Going through a domain broker keeps your identity hidden. This can be beneficial if your business is making a large move and you do not want the public knowing just yet.

Interested in Speaking With One of Our Domain Brokers?

Our mission is to help you be seen online. If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation. Our domain brokers would love to speak with you!

A domain name is essentially your street address, but online. It is how new and returning customers will find you and shop with you. The easier it is to find you, the more likely customers are to return to your site. 

Our team of domain brokers have over twenty years of experience in the industry. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals.